42 steps to ‘I do’!

Did you know that the average bride spends 576 minutes wearing her wedding shoes and walks around 42 steps from the top-of-the-aisle to the altar? One in three gals even buys two pairs of shoes for her big day (usually a back-up pair of ‘sensible’ flats for when the heels become too much!). However, the most startling fact from the recent wedding shoe survey commissioned by Rainbow Club is that a whopping 92% of wedding shoes are put away in their box, never to be worn again. The sad thought of their shoes seeing no dancing action again was so upsetting to the Rainbow Club team that action had to be taken! It’s now offering a free post-wedding day dyeing service on its Rainbow Club and Rainbow Couture designs, so that you can wear your W-day shoes time and again.
Rainbow Club
There’s 10 seasonal colours to choose from, including a lush royal blue, a sassy scarlet shade and classic black, or you can upgrade to a bespoke colour for a nominal fee. Vivian court shoe (pictured above), £59. Visit www.rainbowclub.co.uk for more information.

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