A million tweets later… Gary Barlow could sing at your wedding!

That That sensation Gary Barlow, 43, has offered to sing at three people’s weddings if they stalk him on Twitter!

Naturally, Twitter went nuts with requests and invites from people hoping to get Gary along to their wedding! The singer has been busy sorting through all the tweets.


He has already chosen two lucky couples so there’s only one left!  



With time running out, some are using their cute kids to try and warm Gary’s heart.


 Some are even contemplating marrying just to meet Gary!



This is all about the diehard fans, so come having been tweeting about how long they’ve been following Take That. And of course, Gary’s beard.



Some have been tweeting sweet pics of them with their other halves to try and get Gary’s attention.



This tweet from Kate Halls gets points for honesty!

We’re watching closely to see who’ll he pick!

Will you be campaigning to get Gary to your wedding?