A wedding planner gets married: The devil’s in the detail

In the penultimate instalment, Emma discusses how to nail down those finishing touches that’ll make your day sparkle

Photos: Catching the Moments Photography

Once most of the big decisions were made and plans had taken shape, I found myself obsessing over every tiny detail for the big day. But the finishing touches can take a wedding to the next level and so it seems apt to share some advice on how to make your wedding truly personal and magical for your guests.

The styling and colour palette: Most couples have some ideas for their colour scheme – and possibly flowers and favours too – but make sure they are right for you. I would always advise that you compliment the existing style and design of the spaces in your venue: work with it and not against it. Trust your initial instincts and don’t be afraid to add texture with the use of colour. Many of my clients aren’t aware of all the wonderful hireable items, props and decorative options out there. Adding colour is easily and affordably done with a hired charger plate, linens or napkins.

Pinning your wedding: Pinterest is a brides’ dream come true when it comes to finding inspiration. But there’s a lot out there so be careful to remain realistic with regards to your budget. I would pin merrily until around three months before the wedding and then sit down and look at your boards to make some final decisions.

Remember to communicate any changes with your suppliers and don’t forget you can create a ‘secret’ board on the platform so you don’t give anything away to your friends. It’s also a good idea to save some pictures that are similar to your design ideas but that you don’t like. For example, show your florist a couple of flower arrangements which are similar colours but not to your taste and explain why (they are too sparse, wild or big).

The logistics: When it comes to wedding design, it’s important to ensure your venue is informed at each stage. For example, if you decide to hire in alternative chairs, you should check that the venue has a place to store their existing chairs. It’s also crucial to relay to any external suppliers the delivery and collection times at the venue. Popular hotel venues, for example, will often insist that all items are removed by 11am the next day.

Remember that the ‘wobble’ can come to us all. Like many brides I had a vision early on, but then found myself questioning decisions I made over a year ago that felt so natural at the time. I even found myself worrying about the colour of candle wax! Despite having advised clients for years to stick to initial instincts unless feelings of doubt persisted for a couple of weeks, I still found myself swooning over images quite different to my original concept.

From a practical perspective, it’s possible to change your mind on flowers and hired items (subject to availability) until around two weeks before the wedding, but it’s always advisable to reach a final decision long before that. I took my own advice and stuck to my guns on the bigger pieces such as chairs and linens, but with an overall design that’s a little softer than the original look I was going for.

Emma Douglas is the owner of a leading Scottish wedding planning business, Timeless White Wedding Planning, based in Aberdeen. Over the past seven years she has executed dream weddings for more than 400 brides across Scotland and the UK.