After some nippy nuptials? Make it a quick one at Kincaid House Hotel

kincaid house exterior
Kincaid House Hotel certainly makes a favourable first impression (photo: John Clark Photos)

Whirlwind weddings are all the rage in 2020. The experts we’ve spoken to blame the instant gratification enabled by the internet and social media, but we don’t see why that should be a bad thing – when you know what you want why not go for it, whether that be a Chinese for dinner or locking down the love of your life. 

If you share our mindset we’d suggest you pay a visit to Milton of Campsie to check out Kincaid House Hotel, a charming w-day locale with plenty to recommend it, including a very inviting price tag.

The venue just announced that it has extended its all-inclusive winter/spring package to also incorporate the months of April and May this year. For just £3,995, you’ll be covered for 60 day-guests with an additional 50 in the evening, as well as private use of a variety of spaces – time to try the Conservatory, Drawing Room and Lennox Room out for size. 

As if that wasn’t enough, the hotel was also recently awarded VisitScotland’s ‘Taste Our Best’ accreditation, designed to recognise the food and drink providers it believes really showcase Scotland’s larder by serving up a wide variety of locally sourced produce, meaning your loved ones will also be guaranteed a top-quality meal on the day. Where can we sign up?

If you are interested then we’d highly recommend you get a move on to take advantage of this time-limited deal – the clock’s ticking!