All about orange: 13 ways to add this year’s colour into your wedding

To quote Frank Sinatra, “Orange is the happiest colour”, so it’s no surprise it’s making an appearance in 2023 weddings. Here are some ideas of how to embrace the trend and incorporate this year’s favourite colour into your wedding…

Orange themed wedding ideas with décor, flowers and bridesmaid dresses
Ideas for incorporating orange into your wedding. (Left image: @scarlet.gilia.creative. Right image: @fauna_flower_folk)

This year it’s all about orange. From terracotta to copper, we’ll be seeing all shades of the warm colour featuring in weddings, according to to Pinterest Predicts.

A bold, burnt sienna might not be the first shade you think of when you visualise your wedding, but there are lots of ways to incorporate the rich colour into your w-day, from subtle touches to bold statements.

Hitched wedding expert Zoe Burke revealed the reason behind the rise in popularity: “As the colour is associated with optimism and creativity, it’s no surprise couples are choosing a colour with such sentimental significance to their big days.

“Orange is such a versatile colour, running right from peppy and citrus shades, through to rusty metallics like copper and gold, couples shouldn’t worry about their weddings looking too novelty, as little touches in various shades can give a real luxe feel.”

From bridesmaids dresses to flowers, as well as décor and drinks, here are some ideas for working the colour of the year into your wedding, with advice from luxury jewellers Austen & Blake.

Orange Bridesmaids’ Dresses

While you can have subtle hints of orange included in your bridesmaids’ look – adding to their bouquet or jewellery – you can also fully embrace the rich hue and choose orange bridesmaid dresses.

Zoe from Hitched says: “We’re seeing lots of interest in burnt oranges and terracotta shades for bridesmaids dresses, which can look super chic and are perfect for a golden summer wedding.”

Darker shades like rust can look really classy, especially in satin and velvet fabrics, with Autsen and Blake adding: “Incorporating the colour rust into bridesmaid dresses can add a warm and sophisticated touch to your wedding palette.”

Bridesmaid dresses in shades of orange
Bridesmaid dresses in shades of orange (Left image: @fauna_flower_folk and @wonderfulandstrangeinsta. Right image: @kudosbridal)

The Groom and Groomsmen

Whether the groom and groomsmen opt for a kilt or suit, you can add warm tones to their outfits to match the bridesmaids or add a nice contrast to the bride! Fully embrace the colour palette with a tartan that includes orange, or choose a deep orange shade for the suit.

For a more subtle nod, choose an orange pocket square, button hole, or tie.

Orange and brown kilt from MacGregor & MacDuff and orange ties paired with dark suits from Abitto
Grooms and groomsmen can embrace the orange colour scheme whether they wear a kilts or suit. (Left image: MacGregor & MacDuff. Right image: Abitto)

Bright Orange Wedding Flowers

If your bridal outfit is mostly white, bright orange flowers will really make your bouquet pop! They also work well with shades of pink, yellow and green so you can create a bespoke bouquet that ties in all the colours from your big day.

“Consider adding some complementary colours to the arrangement like ivory or blush pink flowers for a more romantic and delicate look,” Austen & Blake say.

“If you are a fan of the more rustic feel, pair your rustic blooms with earthy greens and creams for a natural look and to reflect nature’s colour palette cohesively.”

Bridal bouquets with a range of flowers in shades of pink and orange
Make use of the amazing range of shades you can include in your bouquet. (Left image: @fauna_flower_folk. Right image: @wearegloam)

You can also use flowers as part of your décor to help incorporate your colour scheme into the venue. A splash of colour works well along the aisle, hanging from the ceiling or as centre pieces.

Whether you’re working with summer or autumn blooms, there are lots of shades to choose from. Austen & Blake suggest: “Rust-coloured blooms, such as ranunculus, dahlias, and chrysanthemums can add a pop of warmth and depth to your floral arrangements.”

While Zoe says you can “choose a citrusy flower like the Bird of Paradise or Ranunculus for something really punchy!”

Wedding venue decor using orange flowers
Orange flowers add a splash of colour to liven up your venue (Left image: @jgflowerss and @newchaptercreatives. Right image: @wearegloam)

Terracotta Table Décor

Add a hint of colour to your tables with terracotta-toned napkins or fully embrace the theme with burnt sienna tablecloths. This colour works especially well on wooden tables or in a wood-panelled room or barn.

You can add some lighter shades with peach-toned floral centrepieces, or little pops of colour in the candles, crockery or chair sashes.

Orange tablecloths, plates, flowers and candles add orange to the wedding colour scheme
Burnt orange tables cloths from @88eventscompany make the colour a feature of the wedding, while hints of orange on the plates, flowers and candles from @fauna_flower_folk are a more subtle nod to the colour scheme.

Invitations and Signage

If you’re going for a fully orange theme, you’ll need to add a splash of the colour on your invitations! Why not incorporate it into all of your wedding stationery, like place settings and signage around the venue?

Wedding signage and invitations in shades or orange
Set the colour scheme for your wedding with your invites! Signage around you venue is also a great op to add in a splash of your signature colours (Left image: @scarlet.gilia.creative. Right image: @paperandpetals1)

Peachy Bridal Make-up

Get a sunkissed, summery look on your wedding day with a glowy bronzer, peachy blush and orange-toned lip. Add some colour to your eyes with a fun pop of orange or a glamorous copper smokey eye to tie into your wedding colour palette.

Orange and bronze bridal eye makeup
Orange and bronze bridal eye makeup from @tayloredbeautybar (left) and Hair & Makeup by Yeekee (right)

Bridal Hairstyle

Add some decoration to your hair with orange flowers to match your bouquet or bronze accessories to add some warm sparkle to your hairstyle.

Flower crowns and ribbons add a soft boho vibe to your bridal hair and are perfect for an outdoor ceremony.

Bridal hairstyle with orange, pink, yellow and white flowers and ribbons
Add some colour to your bridal hairstyle with flowers and ribbons. (Left image: @amm_team. Right image: @lauraatilimanphotography)

Wedding Cake Designs

Add a splash of rich colour to your wedding cake, whether it’s with orange-ombre icing or fresh, bright flowers to decorate your cake.

Orange icing and orange flowers on wedding cakes
There are lots of ways to incorporate orange into your wedding cake design. (Left image: @rosewood_cakes. Right image: @rubyandpearlcakeart)

Bridal Jewellery

Jewellery is a great opportunity to add a touch of colour to your bridal look, especially if you’re going for a more simple gown. Pair some dangly earrings with an updo to make a statement and add some colour around your face.

Austen & Blake are all for orange-toned jewellery, saying: “Incorporating rust-coloured jewellery into your bridal style is a perfect way to add warmth and depth to your look.

“Opt for luxurious gemstones like garnet, amber, or rose gold, whether you choose earrings, a necklace, or other jewellery pieces.”

Orange statement dangly earrings and an orange sapphire necklace and bracelet set
Whatever your style, there’s always room for a pop of orange jewellery! (Left image: @kmldesignsbr. Right image: @angarajewelry)

Wedding Shoes

Short wedding dresses are very in for 2023 weddings, which offers the perfect opportunity to show off your shoes!

You may as well get a pair you’ll use again, and white shoes are a nightmare to keep clean,  so don’t be afraid to reach for some colourful footwear.

Orange high heel shoes worn by bride on wedding day
Orange shoes can add a lovely pop of colour to your bridal look! (Left image: @clearlywildphotography, Right image: Kurt Geiger shoes from John Lewis)

Drinks Menu

There’s no shortage of orange cocktails and other alcoholic drinks, from a mimosa while you’re getting ready, to a wee dram of whisky to end the night.

When it comes to your drinks menu, there are many tipples that will perfectly fit your theme and look great in photos, from classic cocktails and mocktails to your own creations.

“When it comes to the bar, you can’t go past a classic Aperol Spritz or Negroni for your nod to trendy orange bevvies!”, Zoe says.

Orange themed wedding drinks bar
Spritz station and orange cocktails at wedding (Left image: @wearegloam. Right image: @thedispensarybar)

Bronze Venue Décor

As well as having orange pops of colour from your flowers and table decor, there are other bits of decoration you can add to bring your venue to life.

Bronze and rose gold tones add some shine to the room, and you can go as big or as small as you like when placing this colour around the venue. These shades really complement wooden furniture and low lighting from candles or fairy lights, so it’s perfect for a rustic wedding.

Rose gold and bronze décor at wedding
Rose gold and bronze décor at wedding (Left image: @sol.etluna. Right image: @fiftysixevents )

Warm Lighting

Set the ambiance of your reception by considering the lighting. Austen & Blake advise: “Warm lighting can enhance the richness of the colours and create a cosy, intimate atmosphere that’s perfect for an intimate wedding reception.

“Candles or string lights are the perfect choice, adding a touch of warmth and romance to the ambience. You can use them to create a soft glow around the room or to highlight specific areas you want to accentuate.”

Fairy lights and candles create a warm ambience as wedding decor
Fairy lights and candles create a warm ambience (Left image: @getknotted⁠, photographer Kevin Greenfield⁠. Right image: @wearegloam)

Get inspired on Pinterest

We’re loving this colour so much, we’ve made our own Pinterest board with some of our favourite pieces. Follow us on Pinterest and get inspired to incorporate orange into your wedding day.

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