Ask the experts: bridal lingerie

Wearing the right undies for your dress is crucial for comfort and fit, but there’s plenty of options with style and substance

Angelina satin multiway bra, £38, and satin high-waisted briefs, £28, both Boux Avenue

“Good underwear will help your dress look its best. It’s not about how the underwear looks, but about how it makes your dress look. Nude-coloured and seamless underwear is essential for so many dresses. We find that your first fitting, when you’re standing in your own wedding dress, is the best time to see this.

Hoops and underskirts are essential under lots of gowns for keeping you cool and making it easier for you to walk, but they’re all different – there are many different options for a variety of styles. Cups are another essential for dresses, especially open-backed styles. Our seamstress can supply these – I would advise any bride to try this first before buying underwear, as often cups are the better solution,” says Karyn McLeod, Ivory Whites

“My advice to brides is to wait until you find your dress before you think about underwear. There are so many options available, and not every dress allows for a standard bra – or even needs one. In this situation body tape and a good seamstress who can add cups for additional support is what you want.

I would suggest trying an underskirt with a small hoop – even with a fishtail dress – as it holds the fabric away from your legs and makes walking and dancing much easier. Any girl with a large skirt would do well to invest in an underskirt with a metal hoop. And make sure it is metal: the cheaper options that are sold online have plastic hoops, which can collapse under the weight of the dress,” says Barbara Darroch, Kudos Bridal Boutiques

“Start thinking about what underwear to wear before the first fitting of your dress. The seamstress will usually want you to bring along your underwear so that she can see how the dress looks and fits with what you’ve chosen. Some dresses are so well structured that you get enough support and shape that you don’t actually need a bra – you’ll find that out at the fitting.

Underwear should be functional and comfortable, so save your pretty lingerie for the wedding night or honeymoon and go practical under your dress. Lace, bows and polka dots can all show through dresses, as can white and ivory, so skin-toned and seamless is your friend. You could even consider going commando – it may not be what you had envisaged but if you’re in a figure-hugging dress it’s the best way to avoid the dreaded panty line!” says Lisa Bell at Melle Cloche

From practical to pretty, scroll through our gallery to see some gorgeous wedding lingerie:

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