Photobooth attendants: why it’ll be alright on the night with a helping hand

Nothing beats the excitement of knowing it’s your turn next in the photobooth. But are you well versed in all its bells and whistles?

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Before stepping foot in a photobooth, you’re likely to check your hair and makeup in the best reflective surface you can find, choose your preferred prop from the selection of goodies, and decide if you’re going to pout or smile when it’s your turn to face the camera.

However, if you’ve ever sat down for your passport mug shot, you’ll realise that it’s not as simple as the old term ‘watch the birdie.’ The same goes for the wedding photobooth. In theory, it’s a fantastic crowd pleaser, yet you might come over all fingers and thumbs after a few glasses of prosecco and your fair share of the table wine.

To save you any hassle or pre-pose anxiety, your photobooth booking is more than likely accompanied by a photobooth assistant, or ‘booth buddy’ as they’re often known. They’ll be on hand to set up your next shot, keep you right on where to look and get you giggling for that perfect shot. We give you the debrief on why your booth buddy is set to become your new bestie.

“Our attendant is ready to show the guests how to operate the booth,” says Jenn Little of Little Things Photobooth. “They’re there to chat with the guests, help out with choosing props, and will ensure that guests are writing a message for the bride and groom alongside their pic in the guestbook.”

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If, touch wood, something happens to the photobooth causing it to slow down or need seeing to, the booth attendant is on hand to quickly fix the issue to ensure the guests continue to have a good night. “Occasionally the paper or ink may need replaced during the event or a fault may need fixed so with an attendant there, help is always close to hand,” says Creag Gibb, Director of Instacam. Picture the scene: you’re all larking about in the booth and a pesky ‘Error 404’ message comes up on the screen. Talk about a mood killer!

Booth attendants are also on standby to keep the waiting guests occupied in case a queue builds up beside the main attraction. “The synergy between our attendants and the guests is important as we believe this makes the photobooth experience more personal,” says Jenn. And with camaraderie comes a memorable wedding. “They’re there to help with any questions, especially as our booth is popular with all ages, from young children to grandparents, so anyone can feel included and get involved in the fun.”

It’s also worthwhile to have a face of the company there to liaise with the venue directly to save the newlyweds the hassle of dealing with a supplier on the day. Anything to save you discussing numbers and set up locations mid-wedding.

Photo: Instacam

Perhaps you and your guests need a little more guidance in front of the lens? Enter the wonderful world of the photographer-manned photobooth. Recently, there’s been an increase in couples booking a booth where there’s someone behind the camera taking snaps, not the self-taken ones we’ve grown so used to. “We hire out our photobooth with a photographer because we believe communication is everything,” says Christopher Woloszyk of Pictureyou Photography. “The interaction between the photographer and guests is vital to the experience and creates great memories.” After a few bevvies, it’s definitely useful if there’s someone sober there to direct your gaze in the right direction.

Regardless of whether you book a booth with an attendant or one with a photographer, you’ll notice how fun it can be when there’s someone there who gets it and joins in. Christopher says: “We find people get more involved if there’s a photographer manning the booth than being left to their own devices. The guests love to chat and have a laugh.”

So now you’ve decided a photobooth is a must on the day, which style will you choose? One you control yourself with the help of a booth buddy? Or give a photographer the opportunity to catch your guests in mad poses and fits of giggles? 3, 2, 1. Say cheese!

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