Be inspired by Beauty and the Beast for your big day

ButterBee lemon yellow dress, from £110, Dragonfly Dress Design (Photo: Feelin’ Groovy Photography)

Nothing reminds you that you’ll always be a Disney devotee at heart quite like the remake of a childhood favourite. With the live action update of Beauty and the Beast hitting cinemas today, there’s no better time to drop the bombshell to your other half that your wedding needs a serious injection of princess perfection.

They might recoil in horror – the image of their mum dressed up as Mrs Potts can do that to a person – but far from being childish or OTT, a Disney theme can have enough subtlety to only be obvious to other fans of a happily ever after. Full disclosure: we couldn’t resist picking out some stand-out products, including the Chip mug that’s due to fly off Primark’s shelves when it drops this month. But movie props aside, gold candelabras and red roses are all chic references to the tale as old as time, and upcycling vintage books into a DIY table plan would definitely get Belle’s seal of approval.

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