Beauty insider : Top tips from the experts

Some of Scotland’s top hair and make-up artists reveal all you need to know to make you glow


“On the run up to the wedding, think beauty from the inside out – that means eating and drinking healthily and also trying to feel relaxed. It might sound obvious, but being hydrated is crucial! On many occasions, I have seen brides that have been so busy, they’ve forgotten to drink enough water. This can not only make the make-up harder to apply on the day, but it could also make the bride feel fatigued.”
Kaeleigh Wallace Make-up Artist, 07909 808639

“Two weeks prior to the wedding, treat yourself to a vitamin-boosting, hydration facial like Clarins’ ‘The Radiance Reviver’. This will help dull, tired and stressed skin as the face is intensively detoxified and recharged with a cocktail of antioxidants and super-revitalising plant extracts which restore health and radiance – think multi-vitamins for the skin. I would avoid a cleansing facial too close to the wedding as you may get a few break-outs after.”
Rosie Fraser Make-up,

“I know with all the excitement it’s easier said than done, but getting in your beauty sleep quota really does wonders that no cream can. If you do use creams on the eye area, make sure you use a product specially formulated for the area, as using your standard face cream on the delicate skin there can leave the under-eyes looking puffy.”
Kaeleigh Wallace Make-up Artist, 07909 808639


“If you intend to have a spray tan or are going to DIY tan for your wedding day, I would advise that you also tan before your bridal make-up trial to ensure the same look is recreated for your wedding day. A professional make-up artist will match your foundation to your skintone and skin colour on your neck and shoulder area.”
Diana Mackenzie,

“Take pictures after your make-up is applied so you can get an idea of how it looks through the camera lens. I would advise brides to wear slightly more blusher and define their brows, eyes and lips so they will stand out and complete the look.”
JoJo Professional Make-up Artist,

Left: A pretty look created by Ramilia Hair and Make-up Right: Diana McKenzie suggests avoiding anything drastically different from your usual make-up. Her look here demonstrates how well-applied make-up really defines facial features.


“Bridal make-up should enhance your natural beauty and define your features. You should feel comfortable in the make-up you are wearing. Your wedding day is not a time to try out any drastic make-up looks; if you are a minimalist, don’t opt for a dark, smoky eye, or if you are in the habit of wearing a dark eye liner don’t opt for too natural a look.”
Diana Mackenzie,

“I always advise my brides to go with neutral colours – browns, taupes and creams on the eyes. These suit every bride and create the perfect natural beauty all brides want. These colours never date (unlike the ‘smoky eye’ or ‘vintage bridal looks’), so when you look back at your pictures in 20 years time, you will still love the way you look! Bobbi Brown does a fantastic range of all these neutral colours.”
Amanda @ Umakeup,

“On her wedding day, every bride should look like herself at her most beautiful. It is not a time to try a look that is very trendy or radically different from your usual style. Wedding make-up should be long lasting, look amazing in photographs and be timeless. Every bride should love how she looks in her pictures 10 years from now.”
Ramilia Hair and Make-up,


“Make sure your eyebrows are well shaped as they frame the eyes. When there are no stray hairs, it’s easier to apply highlighter just under the highest point of the eyebrow. This gives the illusion of widening the area between the brows and lashes and giving the eyes a lift.”
Karen Bowen Make-up Artist,

“On the lips, I tend to use a lipstick two shades brighter than a client would normally use. To make lip colour last longer, I use lip pencil all over lips before applying the lipstick.”
Ramilia Hair and Make-up,

“When applying blusher, always apply just under the cheekbones on to the apples of the cheeks – never on the cheekbone itself. This way you are sculpting the cheekbones. Finish with a little highlighter on the cheekbone.
Karen Bowen Make-up Artist,

“Remember to blend your make-up well, as the camera will pick up any imperfections. I often use Airbase Airbrush foundations which are especially good for photographs as the finished look is flawless. Two applications of blush works well on the cheeks, finishing off with a balm on the apples of the cheek to brighten.”
Lily Rose Hair & Make-up,


“One week before the wedding, get in touch with your make-up artist to find out what lipstick, liner and gloss they used on your trial and stock up on all three. You’ll need to re-apply your lip products after eating, drinking and kissing! If you are wearing a colour you are not used to, start wearing it before the wedding to get used to the shade.” Rosie Fraser Make-up,

“Pretty nails are a must. You don’t have to spend a fortune on manicures, but your hands and nails will be spotted. The day before, treat yourself to a manicure while sitting with your girlfriends getting excited about the day ahead! Spend some time rubbing in hand and nail cream. I love Vanilla Pod Hand and Nail Cream by Heaven – for me, it’s an absolute essential.” LG Make-up,