Behind the lens 5: we hear from some of Scotland’s top wedding photographers

In the last instalment of our series, we meet the final four Scottish wedding photographers ever couple should check out when choosing who should capture their day

Darren Moore, Chronicle Photography

A couple holds hands in front of a loch

What got you into wedding photography? I started out as a commercial photographer and was shooting for multinational brands when I was asked to cover an elopement at short notice. I immediately fell in love with the storytelling and the emotion of weddings. I transitioned my business almost overnight to focus on weddings.

How would you describe your style? My approach is to be as hands-off as possible: I want to capture the interactions between you as if there was no one else there. I love hearing comments like “I didn’t even know you took that photo” as my couples’ faces light up reliving a moment or emotion. As for the images, I deliver a classic, timeless style that will look just as beautiful in 50 years’ time as they do today.

A black and white photo of a couple embracing

How soon after the wedding are you likely to have our pictures ready? I deliver galleries in four to six weeks during peak season, but quicker than that whenever possible. My average this year was three weeks from wedding to delivery. All galleries are delivered online, where they can be shared with family and friends. Couples receive a link to download all their images instantly to their device.

We’re nervous about being in front of the camera. How will you help put us at ease? I’ve yet to meet a couple who were not nervous about having their photos taken. That’s why I always offer a pre-wedding shoot. It’s the perfect chance for us to get to know each other, for me to give some tips in a relaxed setting and put you at ease. When it comes to the wedding day, I stay positive and I’m always smiling, and give just enough guidance to raise your confidence so you can relax and enjoy the moment.

Alison White, Alison White Photography

A bride and groom, celebrant and their witness stand on the shore of a loch

How would you describe your style? I’m always inspired by the couple themselves. I want to capture their day with joy and laughter, and always encourage people to plan exactly what they want to do on their wedding day. The photos themselves are full of smiles, and I pull warmth and light out of any situation.

Do you have any favourite anecdotes from shooting a wedding? A couple of years ago I had an elopement couple over from Chicago and was honoured to be one of their witnesses. They’d never been to Scotland before and the bride was “almost disappointed” at the sunny day, as they had expected moody Scottish rain! As it was only us, I was able to take them to explore some of my favourite places – we were close to the area where I grew up. We visited stony beaches and blustery hilltops, and photographed their delight under a deep blue sky while we told each other stories about life.

Left: a brdie poses surrounded by her friends: Right; a couple embraces in front of a lochj

Tell us about your packages I try to offer packages to suit a variety of budgets, so they start with a half-day package (six hours) and go up to the premium 13-hour package, where I’m able to document everything from the bridal prep in the morning to the shenanigans in the evening once the high heels and kilt jackets are off!

Elopements start with two and a half hours, but I much prefer when I’m booked for a half-day, so I can capture the intimacy of the couple getting ready together and then properly explore their chosen landscape after the ceremony has taken place.

Tell us one thing couples should know about you before they book? I will talk all kinds of utter nonsense to get you laughing!

Fraser Young, F.D. Young Photography

a couple looks at each other with the sun setting behind them

Tell us a bit about your approach to shooting weddings What really sets us apart is that we only work with 25 couples a year. That’s it. It was a decision my partner and I came to when we realised how fast the business was growing, and while it might sound strange to cap your income like that, it has honestly been the best decision we have ever made. It has changed the question from “How do we book more?” to “How do we make this experience as perfect as possible?”

We’ve freed up so much time for us to put all our efforts into those couples we do work with, allowing us to get to know them and be creative! I think it’s easy for photographers to become so wrapped up in the business side of things that we forget the bit of the job we really love.

Left: a bride hugs a groom and laughs; Right: a bride and groom stand on a city centre street

Describe your style of photography Our tagline is ‘natural, relaxed, timeless’. You’re going to keep these photographs for the rest of your life, so we avoid any heavy edits that might not age well. Natural photos and being yourself will never go out of fashion. It’s a sort of fly-on-the-wall style, as I really do think you get the best photos of people when they forget you’re there.

Do you have a favourite anecdote from a wedding? I had a bride who loved vintage cameras and during one of our meetings she showed me some photos of her venue that were taken back in the 1960s. On the day of her wedding I brought along my grandfather’s camera and some vintage-style film and we recreated the shots with her and her partner. They really loved the whole idea, which was so rewarding. Ever since, I have offered vintage cameras as an optional extra. Antique cameras are nice challenge to work with, and they have a certain look that’s hard to recreate.

Danielle Christine, Danielle Christine Photography

Left: a black and white shot of a bride in a polka dot dress with matching veil; Right: A bride leans against a groom and looks straight at camera

Why should a couple pick you to photograph their wedding? I offer something different. I provide my clients with an unforgettable high-end experience. I take a limited number of bookings per year, which gives me the opportunity to remember each and every one of my couples and their love story. I have a unique style and often click with anyone who is attracted to it straight away. My love for art shows in my work and I take it very seriously.

I have seen far too many Scottish photographers create a very dark and moody palette by muting the colours in their portfolio. My work is the opposite – I love to show the beauty of the colour in your flowers, your bridesmaid dresses and the overall happiness of your special day, giving that light and airy look, even on a rainy day.

Tell us something couples should know about you before they book? In my previous career I was cabin crew for a private airline operating flights for celebrities and VIPs, so I have been lucky enough to travel to some of the most beautiful places in the world. I am always available for honeymoon suggestions!

What’s your favourite Scottish venue? Edinburgh’s Hopetoun House – it’s perfect if you want Bridgerton vibes! The grand stately home is so elegant, warming and inviting.

Tell us about your packages They are bespoke and tailored to match your needs and wants for your special day.