Bespoke poetry and speech writer helps couples express their love

Jonty Pennington-Twist has made a name for himself crafting bespoke poems and speeches for couples to share at their wedding

An open notebook with lots of writing on the pages, with a pair of glasses and a pen on top

If you’re no Robert Burns but would like to express your love for your partner via poetry, Edinburgh-based Jonty Pennington-Twist is there to lend a hand. The writer launched his bespoke poetry and speech writing business 18 months ago and since then, his work has helped many a couple celebrate their marriage, anniversary and even Valentines Day. “Weddings are such a hopeful, happy time for couples and it really is such an honour to add to that by crafting something special, just for them,” he shares.

Jonty is proud to stand out from the crowd of other speech writers and poets: “I never write from a pre-made framework – there is no cheating here!” he laughs. “Many ‘bespoke’ poetry services have a pre-made framework, into which they try to cram each customer’s details. For me, this lacks the care and craft which a truly unique piece very much deserves.

“Also, I think the idea that a beautiful, bespoke poem, all about them, their experiences and their memories, to mark their big day, is new to some couples. I have been lucky enough to have had my poems used as part of a wedding speech, part of the couple’s vows and even placed on the tables in an envelope for guests to read. A poem can, of course, then be hung on the wall forever, as an ever-lasting reminder of a special day.

On left, a picture of poet and speech writer Jonty Pennington-Twist and on the right, one of his poems typed out

Jonty spends time getting to know the couple and learning about their love story so his pieces can really reflect the individuals and their dynamic: “Special memories, parts of their own unique story and little quirks can all be in there! After that, I set to work, crafting a completely bespoke, one-off piece, just for them. A first draft is then sent to the customer for their approval, after that, the piece is theirs to enjoy and use however they wish. A bespoke poem costs £200 and bespoke speech writing is priced at £30 per hour.”