BigAlbum share new app where guests can post to private w-day feed

How does a private Instagram full of your loved ones’ wedding selfies and vids sound? If amazing is the answer, this company has you sorted

Big Album

After launching in 2020, BigAlbum has seen several thousand guests use the app at weddings. So how does it work? “We’re like a private Instagram for your wedding that only you and your guests can use to capture candid moments in real time,” owner Ryan Wells tells us.

Invite guests with a one-click link and they’ll be able to take photos and record videos directly in the app. These are shown in a timeline and a story view. “Importantly, these memories are owned by you: there’s no copyright or watermarking and you’re free to use these photos/videos however you wish,” notes Ryan. Each BigAlbum comes with 4,000 photos/videos and space for 200 guests. Even better, there’s a special offer price for TTKS readers of £99.99 via this link.

The idea for BigAlbum came while Ryan was working in a Boots photo lab developing disposable camera pics, where he would serve newlyweds who were excited to see the images their guests took only to be met with a handful of usable images. “This would usually be caused by the flash not being on, the film being of poor quality to start with or a finger was over the lens,” he said. “This is why I started the app, to build a reliable, high quality way to capture these memories.”

With BigAlbum, you’re able to see all your memories immediately, there is no waiting for film to be developed or USB’s to be posted out. The app is also available to use for the entire wedding, not just a few hours like a photobooth, so you can be sure to capture all the fun of the day.

The app does, however, need an internet connection so it is something that’s worth checking with your venue (but guests can still upload images once they’re home if the internet connection isn’t great). Something to keep in mind if you’re jetting off abroad to tie the knot is that Ryan can’t guarantee BigAlbum will work for weddings outside the UK.

Keep an eye out for the app’s new feature which is set to launch before the end of 2022: Special Moments is a new way to ask guests to capture specific things. “For example, you may wish to have a Video Guestbook where you ask guests to leave a short video message, or maybe you’d like your loved ones to participate in the latest trend recording their first and last drink! Every wedding is different, and we want to celebrate that by allowing you to capture what matters most for you,” Ryan said.