Bloomin’ lovely floral crowns and foliage garlands

Let your inspiration blossom with our selection of gorgeous floral headpieces by some top Scottish florists

From left: This summery Jack Fleuriste arrangement paired with peachy lips is ideal for a boho bride (photo: Branco Prata); We’re swooning over the intoxicating hues of this peony rose, pheasant feathers, asparagus fern and green eryngium floral crown created by Pretty Little Flowers (photo: LH Photography)
Worried bright flowers won’t suit? This gorgeous foliage-only crown by Tupelo Tree is ticking all the boxes (photo: Maureen Du Preez)
Floral Menagerie has aced it with this striking pink and purple circlet (photo: The Gibsons)
From left: First Blush Flowers has used big, bold blooms to create a dramatic bridal look (photo: Fiona Watson); The rich tones in this floral crown by Rose & Ammi Flowers work beautifully with this bride’s hair colour and sleek makeup (photo: Solen Photography)
Little Botanica’s crown of decadent ruby and purple tones is perfect for autumn nuptials
You can’t go wrong with a simple white flower and foliage band, Wildflower (photo: Wonderful and Strange)
A white floral crown is especially effective worn on red hair, The Black Orchid Florist
An asymmetric cluster of roses against delicate yellow buds give this Jack Fleuriste crown stand out (photo: Mirrorbox Collective)