Borders venue Blackhouse Forest Estate helps make your wedding eco-friendly

Weddings can cost the earth – in more ways than one. Luckily, Blackhouse Forest Estate has a comprehensive plan to make your big day more environmentally friendly with carbon offsetting

A couple stands at the entrance to the barn at Blackhouse Forest Etate

As much as we heart weddings, we have to admit they aren’t always the greenest way to celebrate your love. Step forward Blackhouse Forest Estate, which has come up with an ingenious plan to help reduce the environmental impact of your day: “We’re excited to share that we will offer each couple the opportunity to completely offset the carbon emissions from the weddings – at no extra charge,” explains the venue’s Graham Allen.

A bedroom at Blackhouse Forest Estate

So, how does it work? “We will calculate the overall emissions, from the couple’s use of the barn, to catering, bus transport, car emissions and any international flights. Then, we give the couple two options: either we plant the number of trees required to offset their emissions in Blackhouse Estate, or we allocate the number of trees already planted on the estate to offset their total carbon emissions.”

A dining room at Blackhouse Forest Estate

“Each couple will be provided with a satellite image of the planted trees, the grid references, a photograph of the plot and a certificate showing how much carbon storage was used. The certificate will also state that no other couple would be allocated that area.” Who said it wasn’t easy being green?