Bravo! Manorview Hotels salutes our NHS and hospitality heroes

manorview ben donation
We applaud Manorview‘s generosity at such a difficult time – kudos!

We know our venues are pretty special, but sometimes they do something that just goes above and beyond what we’d ever expect from them. Case in point: the generous spirit the inimitable Manorview Hotels has shown during the coronavirus pandemic.

During the 16 weeks that the group’s portfolio was closed, an impressive collection which includes such gems as Cornhill Castle, The Torrance and The Busby Hotel, Manorview let out nearly 3,500 bedrooms to NHS and frontline workers free of charge to help keep their loved ones safe while they put their lives at risk. Although its staff were largely on furlough, many nevertheless volunteered to come in and help look after the guests during their stay.

When it came time for the key workers to leave and return home to their families, many chose to leave gifts and cards for the teams at the different hotels – at the Bowfield, a group of nurses who had stayed for 10 weeks presented the staff with a plaque inscribed with a poem they had written, thanking them for their help, which is now proudly displayed in the hotel for all to read.

boclair house ext
Manorview also has some seriously stunning properties to showcase – just check out the beaut Boclair House… Photo: Carlo Paloni

Not content with just that, however, the group decided to donate £10,000 to The Scottish Licensed Trade Benevolent Society (The BEN), which is supporting individuals in the industry whose finances have been hit hard by the pandemic. Over the last few months, the charity has given out over £37,000 in one-off grants to help hospitality workers pay for food and other essential items while their working lives have been curtailed by COVID-19.

“We’re in a fortunate position where we can help others,” shared Steve Graham, chairman of Manorview Hotels and Leisure Group. “Our team care about their friends and colleagues in the industry, and we all support The BEN and its crucial work in providing emotional, social and financial support. We want to give some hope that we can not only survive but thrive and come out of this stronger.”

We never doubted Manorview’s philanthropic credentials for a second, but these acts of kindness have certainly cemented them in our eyes. And, now that the portfolio’s started to open back up again, we reckon it’s time to return the favour – who could say no to three courses and a bottle of wine at the Plumpy Duck?