Bridal style

Circles of trust

Once the wedding cake has been scoffed and the confetti has drifted off on the breeze, your wedding ring will remain as the lasting symbol of one of the most important days of your life. So finding the perfect ring should be near the top of your ‘to do’ list when you’re planning your celebrations.
Speech therapy

When I agreed to make a ‘best woman’ speech at a friend’s wedding, I wasn’t fazed by the prospect. After all, I had plenty of time to prepare (it was months away) and as I write about weddings for a living, I convinced myself it would be a breeze.

Looking sharp
Looking sharp

Bring the traditional Scottish tones of purple and green bang up-to-date

Chamomile Sanctuary
Feeling fine at Chamomile

Want to treat your groom before the big day? Edinburgh’s Chamomile Sanctuary is a luxury day spa with a range of treatments to suit your Prince Charming and help him to unwind.

Tartan touch from Slaters

With stores across Scotland, Slaters offers a wide variety of Highlandwear outfits to hire or buy. We love these striking purple and green hues.

Put a ring on it

They’re the most significant reminder of your commitment, so it pays to pick your engagement ring and wedding bands carefully.

Style School : Material girl

Expert advice on how to find the perfect dress fabric. How to choose your material, where to look and how much to expect to pay.

Veiled question

The veil – our quick guide to the traditional face-framer

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