Can you guess what was voted the perfect wedding guest outfit?

A recent survey by fashion retailer Silkfred has revealed what 2,000 women picked as their favourite wedding guest dresses

From left: Light blue floral dress, £58, Blue plunge maxi dress, £45, and Twist front v-neck midi dress in sky blue, £30, all Silkfred

The question ‘what to wear to a wedding?’ leaves many of us scratching our heads, and plays a hefty part in the ‘you won’t believe how many weddings I have this year!’ moan. Fashion retailer Silkfred has over 7,000 dresses on its site, so to help narrow things down a bit, the brand conducted a survey of over 2,000 women to see what their perfect wedding guest ensemble would look like.

Drumroll please: a blue, midi-length dress, paired with a necklace and earrings was voted the most stylish outfit. Gowns topped the poll with over 60% of the vote, with only 2% of respondents saying they would jump aboard the Fleabag train in a sassy jumpsuit.

Looks like our Glasgow gals aren’t afraid to splash the cash either, as only London guests said they would spend more than Glaswegians, who’d be willing to cough up an average of £178 on their total look for attending a big day.

If you want to stand out from the crowd and ensure you’re wearing something different, go for something metallic, neon or orange – these styles came out at only 1% of the votes each.

Don’t fancy wearing ‘something blue’? Here’s three of Silkfred’s other top picks for wedding guests

From left: Zara high neck frill top dress in orange, £35, Judith wrap batwing dress in hot pink, £24.95,  and Mia floral maxi in beige, £38, all Silkfred