Cheers to us: 17 boozy wedding favour ideas

Guests will get a kick out of these brilliant booze-inspired favours


1 Stock up on your trusty cures (we suggest Irn Bru, Monster Munch and some vitamin C) and pop them in these hangover kit bags, from 75p each, Love and Quirks at


2 Stop things from getting messy with these custom coasters, £74.81 for 100, Factory 21 at


3 Nothing says ‘spoilt’ like Pink Champagne Truffles, £5.50, Hotel Chocolat


4 Jazz up your glasses with these Star by Julien Macdonald wine charms, £15, Debenhams


5 Make favours an event by attending a brew-it-yourself workshop at Krafty Brew and come away with your own home-made beer, from £200 for 150 330ml bottles


6 A wee dram can be a nice touch for couples wanting to keep a bit of Scottish tradition, miniatures from £42 for 12, T.B. Watson


7 Take a shot on these fun, personalised glasses, £116.31 for 144, Factory 21 at


8 Delicious sticky treats from Fudge Kitchen, available in whisky and rum and raisin flavours, £1.99 per slice


9 Guests can take the party home with them with Strawberry Daiquiri cocktail candles candle, £8.50, Kiss Air


10 Fall in love with this strip of five small whisky cream tablet hearts, £2.40, Sixpenny Blue


11 Create a festival vibe by asking your bar staff to accept your own drinks tokens, 10 for £4.50, Sixpence Paperie at


12 Perfectly packaged whisky fudge, The Forest Kitchen, from £2.25 each


13 Make like Harry Potter and cast away hangovers with the magical Faust’s Potions recovery pack, £5.50


14 Tag glasses in style with these blackboard wine glass charms, Sophie Victoria Joy, 95p each at


15 Spice up your sweets with Sugary Smith and Sinclair Cocktail pastilles, £3 for a box of two, Yumbles


16 Chocolate and alcohol, or ‘chocohol’ or ‘alcocoa’ if you will, could be the perfect combination. Cocoa gin, £4 for 50ml, Hotel Chocolat


17 Personalised wedding favours, 100ml ‘goccia filled with raspberry vodka (left) from £8.60, 40ml ‘apotheker’ from £4.52 (right), Demijohn – which has a huge range of luxury liquor to choose from.