Company can guarantee a dry wedding day… for £100k!

Photo: Oliver's Travels
Photo: Oliver’s Travels

While couples can have every last detail of the wedding planned and taken care of, there’s one thing you can’t control… The weather!

However, luxury company Oliver’s Travels is offering a unique ‘Perfect Day’ wedding service – which promises blue skies for your big day!

The service, which costs a whopping £100,000, involves a team of ‘cloud bursters’ –  highly-specialised meteorologists and pilots, who will fly a light aircraft above the clouds, sprinkling them with silver iodide particles, causing the clouds to burst and disperse in time for saying ‘I Do’.

Using the service puts you in good company, as none other than Kate Middleton and Prince William hired the company for their gorgeous 2012 royal wedding. The technique was also employed for the 2008 Beijing Olympics to ensure their opening and closing ceremony went off without a hitch.

Oliver Bell, Co-Founder of Oliver’s Travels commented: “We pride ourselves on our quirky approach, and are thrilled to be able to offer such an unusual, unique service to our customers, to ensure their wedding is the talk of the town.”

Right now, the service in only available in France but they may expand into the UK if it proves popular. We think they’d have their work cut out stopping the ran in Scotland!