Dream Brides has had a total transformation after a burst pipe threatened disaster

On top of the stress of Covid, Dream Brides‘ owner Kirsty Grant was absolutely floored when the bridal boutique was flooded at the start of the year. Still, she took the golden opportunity of a fresh start, and threw herself into renovating the Irvine store. We take a look

Dream Brides renovated store
The fully refitted Dream Brides boutique in Irvine is packed to the rafters with size inclusive gowns (Photo: Something New Bespoke Wedding Films)

When the going gets tough, the tough get going – and they don’t come tougher than Dream Brides’ Kirsty Grant.

“After dealing with the uncertainties of the last year and everything the pandemic threw at us, we were still staying very positive and looking forward to re-opening,” remembers Kirsty. “Then disaster struck  – we had a burst pipe! It was heartbreaking.”

Model in a Dream Brides gown, on the beach
Dream Brides is based right on the Ayrshire coastline (Photo: Something New Bespoke Wedding Films)

But this girl wasn’t about to wallow. She rolled up her sleeves and, once she’d rescued most of the gowns, she got to work, fully refurbishing the two-floor store from top to bottom.

“The building had suffered severe structural damage and needed ripped out completely,” Kirsty remembers. “I was struggling to see a light at the end of the tunnel. The scale of it all was so overwhelming. But every cloud has a silver lining so they say, and it offered me a chance to fully refurbish the boutique, to really put my own stamp on the place. I’m so grateful for all the help and support we received.”

Details in the new Dream Brides store
From left: Pretty details make all the difference in Dream Brides; the new three-way mirror helps brides see the gowns from every angle (Photos: Something New Bespoke Wedding Films)

The results are astounding: “Our ground floor is dedicated to our gorgeous exclusive bridal lounge, with a large selection of size-inclusive gowns and complementary accessories,” introduces Kirsty. “The upper floor contains our fabulous prom and bridesmaids department. The ethos is laid-back and pressure-free – I want brides to relax and enjoy the experience, to feel right at home. It’s all about them!”

Her favourite part? The trio of mirrors (pictured above), where you lovely lot can catch a glimpse of yourselves (and the spectacular gowns) from every angle. Magnificent.

Dream Brides' revamped bridal lounge
The revamped bridal lounge is pure luxury (Photo: Something New Bespoke Wedding Films)