Dream themes at The Scottish Wedding Show

The Scottish Wedding Show, returning to the SECC next weekend, looks at how you can make your wedding stand out from the crowd with a fun and exciting theme

One of the most common thoughts that couples have when planning their wedding is how they can make it different from all of the rest, especially if their close friends are getting married around the same time. From superheroes to ‘Star Wars’ and hobbies to music, there is no shortage of ideas on how you can make your wedding personal to you and your other half.

Newlywed Alison Atkinson and her hubby recently had a movie-themed big day in Glasgow
Newlywed Alison Atkinson and her hubby recently had a movie-themed big day in Glasgow

Marie-Clare Heffernan Martin of Marie Clare Cake Design (who is exhibiting at the show) comments: “A traditional wedding is the route of choice for many couples. However, a trend has emerged – and is on the increase – where brides and grooms are looking for a truly bespoke cake to reflect their personalities and bring a unique yet personal touch to their day. It is taking their interests, ‘in jokes’ and quirky aspects of their personalities and sharing those with the people who know them best. It can make a nice surprise for their nearest and dearest.

“We relish the process when couples wish to personalise their cake to make it a reflection of their partnership. Recently, we were asked to create a movie-themed wedding cake, drawing on different aspects of various films the couple loved and symbolised important stages of their relationship.

The cake Marie Clare Cake Design created for Alison’s wedding

“Undoubtedly programmes such as ‘Don’t Tell the Bride’, ‘Amazing Wedding Cakes’ and even ‘Big Fat Gypsy Weddings’ have influenced themes. From grooms and their outlandish choices, cakes with water features to brides trying to have the biggest and best dress, these programmes often prove that a theme can bring a wedding together and save the day.

Alison Aitkinson, who recently had a movie-themed wedding in Glasgow – with Marie-Clare’s cake taking pride of place – says, “We chose to theme only certain parts of the wedding as we didn’t want an over-the-top, tacky theme. We’re huge film fans and it made sense to have something fun to tie the day together that was appropriate for us.
“Our invites were in the style of vintage cinema tickets, our table plan was created like a cinema screen plan, all the tables were named after films we love – and of course our amazing cake. The cake’s one of the things you can have so much fun with in terms of design!

Alison's tables were all named after films
Alison’s tables were all named after films

“Lots of our music was from films, too. Before my entrance, the organist played music from loads of films, we signed the register to the theme from ‘Jurassic Park’, and left the service to ‘Gonna Fly Now’ from Rocky, then we made playlists of music from films we love – there was a LOT of music from Tarantino films and Guardians of the Galaxy.
“However, we didn’t force the theme – there wasn’t a film track I loved enough to walk down the aisle to, or one we both wanted for our first dance, so we didn’t bother. We just picked the bits that worked for us and dropped the bits that didn’t.

The couple's movie stub-style invites
The couple’s movie stub-style invites

Another show exhibitor, Carrie McKerracher from Cards by Carrie, has also witnessed an upturn in the trend for theming: “We’re finding that there are many more couples who want to include at least a small part of their own interests into their big day. This has led to a greater demand for bespoke wedding stationery, so we’ve had the privilege to create some wonderful and exciting themed invitations.”

From the 20th to 21st February, The Scottish Wedding Show will once again transform the SECC in Glasgow in to a planning utopia for all engaged couples across the country. From champagne and dresses to diamonds and top hats, not a single detail will be overlooked.