Eleganza Sposa makes a splash with exquisite new collection

Photos: Stewart Bryden

In a chaotic world like ours, the irresistible pull of the seaside seems as good a place as any to find inspiration for a free-spirited bridal collection. Ready to go beachcombing with Glasgow boutique Eleganza Sposa?

“Our new range, La Libertà by Eleganza Iconica (the store’s in-house line) is influenced by the Scottish coast,” explains owner Anna Cirignaco. “The movement, shape and structure of the designs all draw from the various natural elements. It’s relaxed, yet unforgettable.”

Expect voluminous tulle that gently catches the breeze, scalloped necklines and, somewhat fittingly, mermaid silhouettes, all expertly crafted with obsessive attention to detail. “The fluid fabrics echo the sea, while the tracks left in the sand at low tide are mirrored in the soft lines,” describes Anna. “Overall, the gowns encapsulate the drama of the ocean spray, surging into the rocks, commanding and magnificent.”

Every dress is more romantic than the last, and the collection captures a carefree attitude we could really use a piece of right now. From the floral bodice reminiscent of wildflowers blooming on the edge of the dunes, to the rippling skirt, it’s escapist fantasy.