Eva Marie and AMM Hair and Makeup Team collaborate on luxury headpiece collection

Photos: Caro Weiss

If you’ve ever set up a couple of pals you’ll know that matchmaking can be so exciting. We played Cupid recently at one of our photoshoots, where the talented gals at AMM Hair and Makeup Team were working their magic on our models and Eva Marie’s Sarah Simms dropped by with some of her stunning headpieces. Fast forward five months and new brand Amatory is the result of a collaboration between these clever creatives.

“I’d had chance to work with some pieces by Eva Marie on a previous shoot and I adored them,” revealed Anne Marie McElroy, head hairstylist and founder of AMM. “The flexbility and lightness were a dream for a spontaneous stylist like myself. I also admired how high-fashion and luxurious they were – they were so different to everything else on the market.”

Sarah was also feeling the love: “For some time I’d been wanting to work more closely with hairstylists. When I met Anne Marie I was hugely impressed with her ability to create unique styles and make each headpiece work organically. After talking it became clear that we had the same taste and vision for beautiful hair, so it made sense to come together to create something special.”

A shared appreciation for cherry blossom was the creative spark that fuelled a 10-piece range of hair pins, vines, cuffs, hairbands and headpieces, all made from top quality materials like quartz and pearl. “We felt using crystals that have deep meanings would bring our collection to life,” says Anne Marie. “It’s all about providing the wearer with the correct energy she is seeking – whether that is confidence, passion or peace.”

The hair accessories can also be customised to your requirements, shares Sarah: “It’s no problem to have something made in a different size or colour. The collection can be used as a base to create your own bespoke piece.”

Prices start from £59, and can be purchased here.

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