Everything but the blooms – fabulous alternatives to flowers

Forget sourcing peonies in November. Embrace a wild and wonderful wedding landscape of foliage, ferns, herbs and fruit

Photo: Lisa Devine Photography

Floral Menagerie’s off-kilter greenery installation seems like it’s sprouting up spontaneously – and we like it.

house covered in foliage and bride with foliage hoops
Photos from left: Lisa Devine Photography; Photography 78

Left: As we edge into more adventurous decor territory, will we see celestial shapes becoming the new ceremony focal points? Tupelo Tree makes the case with glossy crescent greenery.

Right: Sometimes the outdoors can benefit from a bit of organic decor too. Check out this romantic, overgrown arch and garland from Sparrow & Rose.

rustic centrepiece with logs, succulents and moss
Photo: Struve Photography

Whoever commissioned Isla Duncan Florist’s succulent-stacked centrepieces – can we be friends?

Photo: Caro Weiss

Floral Menagerie’s masterful, abundant bouquet, bursting with fragrant eucalyptus and ample foliage, flourishes against a tomato-red façade.

bride in leather jacket holding succulent bouquet and bride and groom with foliage bouquet
Photos from left: Malcolm Glennie; Green Antlers Photography

Left: If you can’t quite bring yourself to forgo flowers altogether, a few choice blooms in muted tones will enliven a foliage-heavy bouquet, as talented Isla Duncan Florist demonstrates.

Right: Ditching florals can limit your colour palette, so follow Briar Rose Design’s lead and experiment with myriad textures. Grasses, ferns, buds and a combination of smooth and rugged leaves feature in this luscious bouquet.

vibrant berry buttonholes

Lavender & Rose shows vibrant berries make brilliant buttonholes.

Mixed foliage chandelier
Photo: Clair Irwin Photography

Mixed foliage forms Sparrow & Rose’s inventive and awe-inspiring leafy chandelier. Who needs dripping crystals when you’ve got nature’s finest at your fingertips?

green wedding bouquet and bride in green dress holding foliage bouquet
Photo (right): Weirdie Grizzly

Left: Buds and fluffy ferns are an aesthetically pleasing package – snaps for The Flower Company.

Right: A handful of freshly picked ferns and foliage can serve as an effective and affordable bouquet option. Pretty Little Flowers’ is super-sized for impact.

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