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Allow our own fashion stylist to solve your big day style issues…

Q: I have plumped for a winter wedding and am hoping to get some photos taken outside (maybe in the snow), and don’t want to freeze to death. How can I stay warm and look gorgeous?
A: A winter wedding is the perfect time to accessorise. For example, this season’s shearling would make a great handwarming muff, or a handknitted shawl might be the perfect ‘something old’. Wraps, glamorous full-length opera coats and sweet bolerotype jackets all come into their own at this time of year. Or why not go all out and don a faux fur cape? We love the cosy wintry look that Katya (above) by Caroline Castigliano affords.

Q: It’s always been my dream to get married in a huge fairytale type dress, but I don’t want to look like Jordan. How can I look elegant in this style?

A big ballgown can look stunning, but it does need careful styling. Think about keeping your make-up simple and pared down. Tone down the beading and sequins too. Finally, you want the dress to look luxurious and touchable, so don’t skimp on the quality of the fabric and you’ll be sure to look more Grace Kelly than graceless Barbie. This Phillipa gown by Hollywood Dreams (above) has the fairytale look perfectly sussed.

Q: I’d like my bridesmaids to be on-trend and comfortable, so have decided to get their dresses from the high street. How can I be sure that none of my guests will wear the same outfit?
The best way to make sure that there are no doppelgangers amongst your guests is to make sure you buy your bridesmaids dresses as early as possible – preferably a couple of seasons before your big day. Your guests are likely to have splashed out on new frocks for the wedding, so there’s less likely to be doubles if your dresses are from the summer before. If you’re really worried, ask your bridesmaids to spread the word about the colour of the dress and other female guests should know to avoid it.

Q: My lovely husband-to-be is the same height as me, but when I put on heels, I tower over him. Can you recommend some pretty flats?
A: Firstly, don’t worry about appearing taller than your groom. Sophie Dahl and Jamie Cullum just ignore it, and Tom and Katie arranged special poses so he appeared taller in the photos. You could go for complete flats, but, if you want something elegant with a tiny heel, try the Bodini from Rainbow Club (above).

Q: I have bought the most amazing skyscraper heels for my wedding, but should I invest in a pair of plan B shoes to change into for the evening session so I can dance the night away?
It’s awful when the pain in our tootsies stops us from being the dance floor diva we want to be. And if like us, you think you move like a Strictly professional, why not invest in a pair of professional dance shoes? These come complete with cushioned innersoles that provide great comfort and protect feet from shock and stress while at the same time being extremely lightweight and really pretty too. Pick up a pair from sites like so you can party without the pain.

Q: I just adore my wedding gown, and as it’s quite fitted I think I would be able to wear it again, but I’d like to dye it. Is this service readily available and how long does it take?
A: It’s such a shame to see the frock you love banished to the loft, but there are some pointers that must be adhered to before you go colour crazy. Firstly, seek the advice of a professional so you can make sure things don’t go wrong. The bridal boutique where you bought your dress should be able to tell you what you can and can’t do. Make sure to professionally dry clean your dress to ensure even coverage and also bear in mind that any beading or embellishment will retain its original colour, so only go ahead if you are sure this is the look you are after.

Q: I’m leaving my wedding reception early to depart on my honeymoon. What should I be looking for in a fabulous, yet flight-friendly outfit for going away?
A: Why not invest in a fabulous white maxi dress? As it’s the height of summer, these floaty frocks are all over the high street. The draped design will guarantee definite comfort for your honeymoon haul and you’ll still be recognised as the blushing bride as you wave goodbye.

Q: I would really like a summery colour theme for my wedding, and was thinking of yellow or orange for my bridesmaids with matching accessories. I don’t want them to look too zingy and bright. Can you help me find a shade to suit?
A: Summer is a great time to incorporate a colour that you would normally shy away from. The sunshine makes beautiful buttercup, luscious lemon and amazing amber shades really pop. There’s a whole spectrum of citrus shades that show that you can go as bright or as bashful with yellow as you desire. Whether it’s bold gold, or mellow yellow – the choice is yours.

Q: I’m worried about showers playing havoc with my dress and hair. How can I keep dry stylishly?
A: Ah, the fickle Scottish summer! Fret not, there are plenty of pretty umbrellas which are understated enough not to take the attention off your dress and will keep your barnet well coiffured. Try for beautiful brollies and a slightly shorter off-the-ground ballerina or calf-length gown will help you avoid muddy hem syndrome.

Q: I’m having a very relaxed, civil ceremony on the beach in Ayrshire this summer and don’t know whether to wear a veil or not. Help!
A: Your venue should complement your dress but not dictate it. Wind is always going to be an issue if you’re getting married on the beach, so opt for a shorter veil as a longer one might play havoc with your hair if things get a little gusty. Or for something more laid back but less likely to flap about in the breeze, consider a fascinator or headpiece with some netted layers that can be pulled back from your face at the start of the ceremony.

Q: My heart’s set on designer dresses for my bridesmaids but I can’t afford the designer price tag. Any ideas?
A: Entrepreneur and recessionistas’ new best friend Anna Bance has created Girl Meets Dress, a unique concept where you can borrow designer dresses and bags for up to a week and then return them, without even having to worry about dry cleaning. With loads of styles to choose from by bigname designers like Temperley and Chloe, it’s pretty safe to say you and your budget will be spoiled for choice.

Q: My chief bridesmaid will be seven months’ pregnant when the big day comes. What’s best for accommodating her bump?
A: Comfort is of the utmost importance when you’re heavily pregnant so look at longer, flowing gowns in natural materials such as silk. An easy-to-wear empire line dress will flatter her bump. is a good starting point and most bridesmaid labels can cater for bumps too!

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