Fern Photography now offer a personally tailored approach to photographing city weddings in Scotland

Need flexibility from your wedding photographer? Edinburgh-based company Fern Photography is now offering hourly rates and customisable options for couples planning to marry in Scotland’s urban areas

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A laughing bride and groom outside St Giles' Cathedral in Edinburgh surrounded by people waving and wearing blue rain ponchos

It’s often Scotland’s glens and islands that hog the international media limelight and fill up tourists’ Instagram feeds, but its diverse cities have a lot to offer – especially when it comes to wedding photography.

To be fair, weddings anywhere are beautiful but weddings in cities have an extra-special something about them, don’t they? From the atmospheric cobbled closes of Edinburgh’s Old Town and the grey, imposing grandeur of Aberdeen, to the buzzing post-industrial landscapes of Glasgow and Dundee, there’s nowhere quite like them to set a wedding against.

A photo of a bride and groom holding hands across a round table seated on orange velvet chairs by Fern Photography

“We’ve been thinking a lot about city weddings recently. Looking though our social media feeds we saw there were so many images of weddings in forests, on beaches and up mountains and we realised that all the wonderful city images were strangely absent. We decided right then to show city weddings some love,” says Daniel Rannoch, one of the names behind the Fern Photography collective.

Weddings in cities are stylish and full of creativity

Photographs from city weddings can be every inch as fantastic as those filled with acres of blue sky, green space, jagged mountains or rolling fields. “They’re filled with colour and texture and life,” enthuses Daniel. “Outdoors, in the streets, light and shadow falls in interesting patterns; wee lanes create a sense of privacy and intimacy, while busy streets offer action and vibrancy.

A photo of a bride and groom carrying a baby walking hand in hand in Edinburgh by Fern Photography

“Indoors, weddings in the city are often in beautifully designed interiors offering a stylish and unique canvas for the images. The backdrop of architecture from both old and modern buildings can look spectacular in a portrait too. It’s a lot of fun experimenting with these elements to create wedding images. Of course it helps tremendously that we live in Edinburgh. Around every corner there’s something wonderful. As photographers we just love all these opportunities for creativity.”

When Fern Photography started hearing feedback from couples that they were finding it hard to find a photographer for their city wedding, they rethought their approach to urban couples. “Most packages were long hours with lots of extras that city couples didn’t need. They found searching for what type of images they might get was difficult too, as most images wedding photographers present are in the countryside,” says Daniel.

A photo of a bride wearing a red jacket and a groom wearing a blue suit standing next to a black Georgian building with white windows by Fern Photography

“We took a look at our services and realised that it would make a huge difference to couples planning a city wedding to offer hourly rates and customisable options that would fit perfectly with their plans, as well as see more city wedding work. We have taken that on board and we now offer hourly rates and show much more work in cities. We hope by doing this that couples will have a much better experience when planning their wedding.”

Are you planning on getting married in a city? Fern Photography would love to hear from you and share their ideas for your city wedding.

A bride and groom sitting on steps outside a church in Edinburgh taken by Fern Photography