Film buff – Craig Stephen Photography

Craig Stephen started out capturing newlyweds on camera as a teenager, but after serving his time as a national newspaper photographer, he’s returned to his first love: shooting weddings beautifully on film.

(If – like me, honest! – you’re too young to remember, this was how photos were taken before they went all ‘digital’ on us.) It’s a medium that Craig clearly relishes working with, and his couples seem to love it too. “For the last couple of years I’ve been offering film or digital capture, but the uptake has been so positive for film, that I am now delighted to be offering film-only for all my bridal work,” Craig reveals, adding that he’s also developing and scanning some of his work in-house, so that his couples can have something totally unique to treasure: fine-art, black-and-white, hand-printed photographs produced in a darkroom.

Craig Stephen