Find out how your wedding day transport can go the extra mile

Wondering how your w-day transport can go the extra mile? Nicole Conner finds out

Ashveil Weddings' VW split screen camper and VW Cabriolet Beetle make picture-perfect backdrops
Ashveil Weddings’ VW split screen camper and VW Cabriolet Beetle make picture-perfect backdrops

Couples who’re about to embark on planning their big day will soon realise that there is no one-size-fits-all approach to weddings. Everything will come with some degree of flexibility: venues may allow you to mould menus or decor to suit your tastes, dresses can be altered not just to fit but also to match your vision, and everything from the cake to the flowers will be the colour, size and variety you requested. So why should your transport options be any different? Well, in short, they aren’t.

There are loads of ways to make the cars you choose suit your special day. So whether you want to stop off at a care home en route to the ceremony to say hello to your granny, or bring a four-legged friend on board and have the cars styled just the way you want for those all-important photos, you can do it.

Ashveil Weddings

Ashveil Weddings
Ashveil Weddings VW van can have props added (Photo:

Is it crucial that every area of your w-day is Insta-worthy, right down to the transport? If the answer is yes, Ashveil Weddings offers prop hire and event styling services that might be up your street. The company has a picture-perfect VW split-screen van and VW Cabriolet Beetle in its fleet, and if the vehicles are stationary outside your venue for photos, “We can style them with personalised neon signs, dried flowers, seating and vases,” says Stephanie Brackenridge of the Dundee company.

“Our vehicles often feature in newlyweds’ photographs, so we feel it is important for the couple to have an experience that is personal to them, from the signage to the flowers in their choice of colour,” she adds. And if you don’t want to personalise them, that’s no problem – the vehicles look equally stunning on their own.

Some couples are happy simply being collected and dropped off at the venue, notes Stephanie, but the drivers will always hang around for a few photos. If you choose, you could also go on a drive to your fave photo spots.

“A couple who married recently told us they enjoyed travelling in our vehicles, and particularly appreciated being able to spend time with their bridal party in our VW camper on the journey to the venue,” she adds.

“Then, taking a drive for some photos, it allowed the couple to have some alone time away from the crowd. It gave them a chance to really take in the magic of the day and just be together.” Complimentary fizz is included but flowers and ribbons will incur an extra charge.”

Rennick’s Wedding Cars

Boho couple arrive in style in VW camper
Rennick’s Wedding Cars (Photo: Anna Laska Photography)

Most couples are surrounded by their nearest and dearest on their big day, but if loved ones are unable to make it, you can take the wedding to them – thanks to Glasgow-based Rennick’s Wedding Cars. “We have driven brides or grooms to visit a grandparent at their home (or care home) on the way to the ceremony,” says the company’s Emma Rennick with a smile. “It’s a special time for everyone, so it’s nice to help in any way we can if family members can’t physically be at the wedding. We want our clients to enjoy their day as much as possible.”

Although such stop-offs are not specified in any package, you can still enquire: bespoke bookings can be made to calculate mileage and additional travel time over a normal journey. Rennick’s has a diverse fleet with lots of different options to suit your style: choose from classic vintage cars from the 1930s, sleek modern Mercedes limos or that old boho favourite, the VW camper van.

Carrs Loch Lomond

Vintage Imperial Landaulette from Carrs Loch Lomond
Turn heads in the vintage Imperial Landaulette from Carrs Loch Lomond

The venue is willing to host your dog and your celebrant is happy to let the pup be a ring-bearer – but how are you going to get the little furball to the ceremony in the first place? Thankfully, some firms, like Carrs Loch Lomond, understand how much our furry friends mean to us and permit well-behaved pooches in their vehicles. “We just want to help make your day special and memorable,” says Callum Carr from Carrs.

It’s not all about pets at the Alexandria-based company, though: humans are treated pretty well too. Time for photos can be included either as part of the package or as an extra. “We can drive you to a local park, scenic spot or special location, giving you time alone together after marrying. It’s so nice to enjoy a few moments of quiet time before the reception goes into full swing,” she adds.

All Carrs’ packages include flowers in the vehicle’s front or back window, a choice of ribbon and a bottle of bubbly. The firm has three Beauford Tourers, a Chrysler 300C, a Range Rover, an Imperial Landaulette and more. All carry umbrellas in case the weather takes a turn for the worse.