Focus on film: we profile ten top Scottish wedding videographers

Popcorn at the ready: Scotland’s finest wedding videographers (plus one slick streamer) step into the frame to share what makes them tick and offer advice on how to pick your wedding filmmaker. And, action!

Laurie Withers, We Stream It

What are the key factors to consider when researching wedding streamers?

You should definitely ask about experience. A crucial part of streaming is problem-solving. At We Stream It, we’re now at the stage where we could walk into almost any situation and we’d know what to do because of how much experience we have. We’re doing this every day and, although we do run into problems now and then, it’s how these issues are resolved that separates us from the inexperienced.

Can you give couples a recording of the stream to watch back after the wedding?

All our packages come with a digital download of the ceremony. We also upload all the camera footage that we capture on the day in full HD, which can be used to create an alternate cut of the ceremony video or to create a highlights reel.

What has been your toughest challenge?

There are venues where there is literally no signal at all on any network – you can’t make a call or even send a text! In these instances we film the wedding (as if it’s being streamed) and then we jump in the car and drive until we find a signal. We once streamed a wedding from a layby on the A9 half an hour after the ceremony had finished!

Tell us something about wedding streaming that you wish more people knew.

Live streaming doesn’t have to be to 3000 people. It can be to the one person who just can’t be there whether because of restrictions, work, distance or personal circumstances.

Andrzej Majdanik, Haicoo

What got you into wedding videography?

I love creating visual stories, and film is my passion. I’ve been a wedding videographer for three years, but as a photographer I’ve been in the wedding business for nearly ten years. Over time, technology has moved forward so much that it was natural for me to start creating wedding videos that my lovely couples will cherish forever.

How would you describe your style?

Wedding days are always full of smiling faces, kissing, tearful eyes, hugging friends, and more. This all makes up the essence of the day and I want to capture these big little moments that otherwise may be forgotten: I like to call them ‘little wedding haiku moments’. I would say that my videos are ‘works of heart’, with a cinematic yet intimate style.

Tell us a little about your packages and your approach to the day.

Haicoo packages start from as little as £600. My approach to filming weddings is being 100% organised and professional. First, I discuss the couple’s needs and share my ideas, and together we decide on the style of the video. Then I prepare a plan for the whole day, starting with pre-wedding venue filming, right through to the first dance and beyond. It may sound very clinical and dry, especially when the result is a video about two souls coming together, but without thorough preparation, it’s impossible to offer a satisfying product.

What’s one thing about wedding videography that you wish more people knew?

Not everyone realises how precious the wedding video is going to be in their lives. From my own experience I can say that me and my wife come back to our own wedding film regularly, and no matter how much I hesitate when she says ‘Let’s put on the wedding video hun!’, I always end up emotional after watching it.

Dean Howie, Pinnacle Films

Why should a couple pick you to film their wedding?

If you’re looking for a down-to-earth person who takes great care over the little details and can film your wedding in a creative, cinematic style, I’m your guy. A key skill of wedding videography is being in the right place at the right time. Reliving your day and seeing those special, ‘unseen’ moments is something many couples have said they love when watching my films back.

How do you put a couple at ease if they are nervous about being filmed?

It’s quite common for one half of the couple (or both!) to be nervous about being on camera. This is where my unique style of filming helps. Feedback from couples frequently touches on my ability to capture those special moments while blending into the background.

Tell us something about wedding videography that you wish more people knew.

I’ve been asked by a few couples in the past if I could film their wedding in a style used by a different videographer. While I always try to accommodate and would never turn anyone away, being asked to replicate another person’s work is tricky. We all have our own styles and I would highly recommend choosing a videographer because you like their style. They’ve worked hard to perfect it.

What packages do you offer?

I have a few wedding packages, but the full-day option is definitely the most popular. I feel this package ties the video together nicely as it shows the story from start to finish. But all packages are completely customisable and can be adapted to suit your needs.

What’s one thing couples should know about you before booking?

I’m still in contact with a few couples from past weddings, so chances are high that we stay friends!

Luke and Alastair Mathieson, Magic Memories

What are the key factors to consider when researching videographers?

Check testimonials, find out how long the company has been in business, and take a good look at their social media and website to ensure they’re professional and right for you.

What got you into wedding videography?

Our passion for making videos of family holidays and weddings! We turned our hobby into a full-time business in 2014 and have not looked back since.

Tell us a bit about your approach to filming a wedding.

Long before the wedding day, we like to meet up and chat with our couples and iron out all the finer details to make sure we cover all bases for the day. We also like to ask our clients if they have any friends or family members they would specifically like us to focus on so we are ready to accommodate that.

Do you offer packages?

Yes! We have four different packages (two with just videography, and two that include photography as well). Prices range from £599 to £1,299.

Why should people book a videographer?

We always say to our clients that although photographs are a stunning moment in time, with wedding videography, you can see people moving, laughing, talking and all other emotions on your friends and family’s faces.

Matt Crofts, Next Scene Films

What got you into working in wedding videography?

I started my own film business when I left university, creating promotional films for local businesses back in Sheffield where I am from. When I moved to Edinburgh a number of my friends were getting married and a few asked me to film their weddings. I started filming for them, I enjoyed doing it and was very good at it so I continued and brought it in to my business. Now the majority of my work is wedding films. It’s great to film people having fun and who are in love; it’s a great job to have.

Tell us about your filming packages.

We offer five packages, from £250 up to £1,300. We also have a ‘design your own’ option for those who want something a little different. When you book any of our packages, we plant five trees via the World Land Trust. We also donate 10% of our annual profits to the Trust, which has made us carbon balanced. Our website’s ethical and environmental page explains more about this and the other ways we’re helping to protect the planet as we work.

How will you put a couple at ease if they’re nervous about being filmed?

My style of filming means that a lot of the time they won’t even notice I’m there! I try to keep as far away as I can; I want to blend into the background as much as possible and I believe that I shouldn’t be a focal point. In their reviews, many of my couples say how impressed they were that they didn’t notice me for the majority of the day and that I kept them and their guests at ease when they did spot me.

What format do your wedding films come in?

I deliver them on a personalised wooden USB made of sustainable timber, or as a digital file.

Why should a couple pick you to film their wedding?

Because I’m a talented, fun and experienced filmmaker who protects the planet as he works! I have also been nominated for several awards over the last few years. Most importantly, though, I’m friendly and fun and I’ll do all I can to create a fantastic wedding film that’s personal to you.

Jamie Brown, Heritage Wedding Films

What got you into the world of wedding videography?

I have been a filmmaker for the last eight years, and have worked on everything from short films to music videos and television adverts. I adore being creative behind the camera, but I was drawn to wedding videography because I love meeting new people. When a pair of newlyweds watches their video for the first time and love it, that is honestly the best feeling in the world for me. It’s a dream job to be able to capture such cherished memories.

Why should a couple pick you to film their wedding?

Because, as one of my brides put it, I’m like a ‘wedding ninja’. I really pride myself on being unobtrusive and making people feel relaxed. From my experience, one of the biggest worries couples have is that one or both of them (quite often the groom) will be really uncomfortable or shy in front of the camera. But I’ve had so much positive feedback about how at ease I’ve made them feel.

Any standout moments when you’ve been filming a wedding?

One of my favourite experiences was filming on board a vintage red double-decker bus around Edinburgh. It was so cool to capture the city as we passed through it – and the final footage was stunning.

How would you describe your style?

It’s very natural and relaxed. Most of my couples want me to blend in and capture the authentic moments with their friends and families rather than shooting anything too staged.

Can you tell us a bit about your packages/prices/approach to filming weddings?

I currently offer a custom package builder so that couples can choose exactly what they need and find something that suits their budget. Some couples might want all day coverage and tonnes of footage; others might only be looking for a small part of their day captured. With my package builder, they can customise each part of the videography package and relax knowing that they’re in control!

Danny Munro, TLC Media

What got you into the world of wedding films?

Before I started shooting weddings, I was doing different types of video work. Then, five years ago, I saw the highlights film of my friend’s wedding and was blown away. I’d seen wedding videos before this and had even had my own wedding filmed, but this was the first time I’d seen such a high-quality, cinematic video. It had been made by Rob Waugh of Curious Robin Films (now Peony Films). His style of filmmaking really inspired me – his attention to detail and storytelling skills are fantastic – and I knew then that I wanted to get into weddings myself and make great content for couples. Shout out to Rob for the support he gave me at the beginning of my wedding filmmaking journey – I’ll be forever grateful.

Tell us something about wedding videography that you wish more people knew.

I don’t think many people realise just how much work goes into creating wedding videos, particularly when it comes to the post-production side of things. We spend a lot of time on editing to ensure the final product meets our high standards before we send it to our couples. It’s always quality first with us.

How would you describe your style?

I’d say it is modern, cinematic and creative with great storytelling. Our aim every time is to give each couple a memory they can treasure forever.

What’s the most crucial thing that couples should consider when researching their wedding videographer?

I’d encourage couples to shop around, check companies’ reviews and most importantly, check their work. Most companies nowadays have samples of their work on their social media accounts, so I’d be watching to see what style and packages you like the look of.

John Carroll, Maple Media Productions

Danielle & Chris, Lochside House Hotel from John Carroll on Vimeo.

Why should a couple pick you to film their wedding?

We use top-of-the-range cameras and professional audio equipment to ensure the highest quality results. We are also qualified and licensed drone pilots and now include aerial filming in all our packages. Perhaps most importantly, our packages are very reasonably priced.

Tell us something about videography that you wish more people knew.

Good audio is just as important as good pictures! We often find people are surprised when we ask them to wear a wireless microphone – we’ve even had celebrants not wanting to wear one, despite them doing most of the talking during a ceremony!

What sets you apart from the competition?

I am a qualified Master Photographer. My photographic training stands me in good stead when it comes to filming weddings. Thinking about composition and the use of light is just as important for videography as it is for still images.

How would you describe Maple Media’s style?

We shoot both documentary and cinematic videos. For most of the wedding day, we are in the background filming, but we do like to get the bride and groom to ourselves for 15 or 20 minutes, usually in the evening, when we can get a bit more creative.

How can you help put a couple at ease if they are nervous about being filmed?

We are often told by our couples that they hardly noticed us on the day as we were filming away in the background. I’d say just forget about us and enjoy your day.

Austin and Alex Mitchell, We Are One Wedding Films

How long have you been in the business of wedding videography?

This is our fourth year of filming weddings. The time has gone by crazily fast and it’s only going to get busier. Alex (my son) and I love filming weddings – it is wonderful to be part of such a happy day. For me, personally, it’s also great being able to do something you love while working alongside your son.

How would you describe your style?

We film in a relaxed, non-intrusive manner, aiming to create beautiful cinematic films for our couples. We don’t use big camcorder-style cameras, preferring to blend in by using smaller devices. Many of our couples have told us afterwards they didn’t even realise we were there. Our collection options include cinematic highlights, longer films and documentary edits, if that’s what the couple are looking for.

Any particular challenges that you’ve faced while filming?

We’re licensed to do aerial photography, so many couples ask for drone shots in their film. (When used well, drone footage looks great, but we try to use it sparingly as it can sometimes detract from the end product.) Anyway, once, when we were filming at Loch Lomond, we had to land the drone on a boat – that was a real challenge!

How long does it take you to deliver your wedding films?

Our standard delivery terms are 12 weeks however we aim to deliver the highlights within 4 weeks and the remainder of the films within 8 weeks. It all depends on the time of year and how busy we are.

John Conway, John Conway Weddings

How did you get started as a wedding videographer?

I first started filming weddings in July 2021. I have been filming fitness content for the past few years and always wanted to try filming weddings. I came across a couple online that wanted a videographer for their wedding day but could not afford to have one. Seeing this, I offered my services free of charge to add to my portfolio. Robyn and Roland were both amazed by their wedding film and shared it on social media. Since then, I have received more bookings and am now working my way through seven wedding films.

How can you help a couple feel comfortable being filmed on the day?

I understand that a videographer turning up on your wedding day and starting to film you straight away can be daunting, so I like to show up early and have my bride organise her dress, rings, shoes, jewellery etc. for my arrival and film all these details first. This allows me to be present in the room filming but gives everyone time to get used to the fact that there is a videographer there. Once I feel everyone is relaxed and being themselves, I then start to film bride prep.

Do you have any advice for couples when it comes to booking a videographer?

You should definitely meet your videographer, either face to face or via Zoom, to help you get to know them and their interests first. Ultimately, your videographer is going to be a guest at your wedding. You wouldn’t invite someone you don’t get on with to your special day so I feel you shouldn’t book a videographer if you don’t get on with them!

Why should couples chose you to film their wedding?

For some companies, filming a wedding day is just another payday; for us, it’s an opportunity to capture beautiful memories that a couple and their friends and families will treasure. I know all too well how important it is to capture these moments. I lost my mum to Covid in January 2021 and had the chance to look back at my mum and dad’s wedding film and smile. It brought back so many happy memories. I want my wedding films to not only brings smiles to my couples in the good times, but also to bring smiles and happiness in times of sadness.