Get a load of Philipburn House Hotel’s new Linglie Pavilion

Philipburn House Hotel's new Linglie Pavilion
Philipburn House Hotel’s new Linglie Pavilion

It’s a challenge, trying to find an outdoor spot for a ceremony that’s not completely exposed to the elements. It’s Scotland – a bit of cover overhead is always a wise idea if you don’t fancy scrambling to Plan B in a rainstorm mid-hand-fasting. So how to breathe in some fresh air while exchanging your vows, without being blown away?

Philipburn House Hotel’s new Linglie Pavilion above, which can seat up to 90 loved ones, is nothing short of enchanting and definitely doesn’t involve frantic checks of the BBC Weather app on the hour, every hour. Who says you have to compromise?

“Enclosed with beautiful, romantic curtain lighting, it’s a private and secluded space for a ceremony,” says the Selkirk venue’s Katie Tuddenham of its latest addition. “It’s ideal for use in any season and any weather, as it’s covered and has a fire-pit to warm guests when it’s chilly.

“There are handmade, rustic benches and a matching table for signing the register, a raised garden area and a tranquil water feature, set at the end of the aisle, which makes a fabulous focal point. You’d also have full access to our Linglie Suite and and landscaped grounds.”