PHOTO ALBUM: Get ready for some animal magic with cute pets at weddings

Neil Thomas Douglas Photography

Sorting out your guest list? At its core it’s very simple: easy: your aim is to put everyone you love in one room. You might end up with a few grudging additions – your other half’s uni pals with the lousy inside jokes – but you may end up wrestling with the omission of one pretty crucial VIP (in this case, a very important pet). Could you imagine the day without your fur-baby there?

For one, be prepared to shift the focus away from the two of you if you’re being given away by a French bulldog. This is great if you’re hesitant about being the centre of attention, but if you’d always envisioned every eye being on you as you make your entrance or say your vows then you might prefer to include your pet in the day by getting some snaps together in the morning, or having someone bring them along for an hour to the drinks reception.

One thing’s for sure though, the resulting photos from adding some creature comfort to your wedding would melt even Cruella de Vil’s heart. Here’s some of Scotland’s top wedding photographers’ best work with our four-legged friends:

Craig & Eva Sanders Photography
Karl Double Photography
Paul Walker Images
From left: Jenniflower Weddings & Photography; Michelle VanTine Photography
Ann-Kathrin Koch Photography
Debbie McLeod Photography
Julie Lamont Photography
Paul Walker Images
Michelle VanTine Photography
From left: Julie Lamont Photography; The Gibsons
Craig & Eva Sanders Photography
Rooftop Mosaic
Cheryl Taggart Photography
The Gibsons
Michelle VanTine Photography
Parris Photography
From left: Aboyne Photographics; EnaMay Photography
Rhiannon Neale Photography
Emma Sanderson Photography
Tandem Photo
Rebecca Lee Photography
From left: McLellan PhotographyAboyne Photographics
Caroline Trotter Photography
Paul Walker Images
GWS Photography
From left: First Light PhotographyTandem Photo