Get your faux-fur fix the sustainable way with Polly Reid

polly reid faux-fur
Polly Reid‘s faux-fur range is cruelty-free and entirely sustainable. We need this Corran capelet wrapped around us now

Are you a fan of the fluffy stuff? While I think we can all agree that the genuine article should never be an option, that doesn’t mean that you should have to forgo the faux, especially when the industry is becoming increasingly innovative. See Polly Reid, whose luxe pieces are, incredibly, made from natural, rather than synthetic, fibres – a by-product of a bi-annual ‘haircut’ for the company’s own flock of pet mohair goats and rare-breed sheep. 

On its website you’ll find a selection of vintage-inspired cropped jackets and capelets, the perfect bridal accessory for any winter-wedding extravaganza. How else are you going to keep warm come the midnight fireworks?

polly reid hair vine
The label also offers a range of top-quality hair vines to add a touch of sophistication to any bride’s w-day look

What’s more, the brand only produces in line with demand to reduce surplus stock and wastage, in accordance with its ‘slow fashion’ ethos. Cuddle up in the debut range, Nadarra, safe in the knowledge that neither animal nor environment has suffered for the sake of it.

If you’d like to do even more to support this eco-conscious company, you could also treat yourself to one of its high-end hair vines to complement your bridal look. You’re guaranteed to be the belle of the ball – well, it is your wedding after all.

For more information, check out Polly Reid’s website and Instagram.