Getting the chop at James Dun’s House


Like many newlywed and soon-to-be brides, I’ve been growing my hair for the last couple of years. For those preparing to take the plunge, it seems like as soon as the engagement ring goes on the race is on to create those classic bridal looks – either long flowing locks tumbling down in soft waves or a voluminous up-do. My own motivations were less matrimonial and more mermaid-mimicking, but the struggle was the same. As the length increased, so did the tendency to wake up with matted, crazy hair that looked like a bad weave in a low-rent reality TV show. Years of dragging a brush through said terrible tresses, in conjunction with a passion for home hair-dye jobs, had left my mop in a sorry old state.
When you crave long hair, it’s daunting to consider the chop. I need the advice of experts, so I pay a visit to James Dun’s House in Glasgow. It’s an Aveda Lifestyle Salon so I clicked onto the Aveda website beforehand to have a browse through its look books. It’s so high-tech that you can actually try out styles and colours for yourself using the ‘My Aveda Makeover’ app. By uploading a picture, I was able to test drive a long, graduated bob in an ashy, baby blonde and slowly started to come round to the idea of shorter tresses.


The salon is right in the heart of the Merchant City on Hanover Street. I’ve spent a blissful afternoon in the spa before, but the salon is much more suited to the bustling area that surrounds it, full of life and energy. My stylist Lynsey spends fifteen minutes with me chatting about what I’m looking for and giving my hair a thorough investigation, deciphering what dye, tint and cut will take my bad home-colour and stringy locks into something bright and bouncy.
Hair and beauty appointments are truly ‘you time’ and it definitely feels like that at James Dun’s. After having my hair washed (while lying on a reclining leather backwash chair), I jump at the chance for a complimentary head massage. I am given a choice of three oils, picked by scent (naturally my nose sniffs out ‘beautifying’) and I drift off into seventh heaven, the tension in my shoulders and scalp being caressed away. I am also offered a soothing hand massage while having my hair blow-dried, but I am happy to chat away and watch as my new hairstyle takes shape.
I’m a fan of Aveda products (especially its Smooth Infusions shampoo and conditioner), so relish the chance to try out some new products (I’ve since added Phomollient styling foam to my beauty wishlist).


As part of your appointment you can also have your makeup touched up afterwards with the Aveda range. I politely decline, although I’d have definitely taken them up on the offer had I not been going straight home to catch up on TOWIE – but only after admiring my reflection in every shiny surface between the Merchant City and my couch.