Glasgow couple wins their happily ever after at 23 Montrose Street

couple outside 23 montrose street
Emma and Allan outside their future wedding venue, 23 Montrose Street

As one half of a pair, you’ll most likely share some favourite things with your partner. This could be a song, a movie, maybe a treasured neighbourhood coffee spot. For Beyoncé and Jay-Z, it’s all about the number four: the superstars were born on the fourth of September and December respectively, and tied the knot on the same date in April 2008.

The power couple better watch their thrones, however, as Glasgow duo Emma Austin and Allan Wright are following in their footsteps. The pair recently won a competition run by city-centre venue 23 Montrose Street, and bagged the prize of a wedding ceremony at the locale after sharing their charming love story. 

23 montrose street tattoo
Emma shows off the tattoo she got to commemorate the couple’s love for the number 23

The reason for their successful entry wasn’t entirely down to luck – Emma and Allan were picked over more than 150 other hopefuls owing to their love for the registry office’s address number, as the 23rd is the date of both of their birthdays and Emma has 23:23 (which is the couple’s special time) tattooed on her arm. When you also consider that they’d only gotten engaged the week before, it sounds an awful lot like fate to us.

The win entitles the childhood sweethearts to a service with 35 guests, as well as a professional photographer, video footage, and guidance from wedding blogger Alison Tinlin, who also judged the competition. 

Situated just off George Square, 23 Montrose Street is newly refurbished, and has a wide selection of great restaurants and reception options on its doorstep, so wedding parties can eat, drink and dance to their hearts’ content post-ceremony.

Now we’re just holding out to see if Emma and Allan tie the knot on the 23rd of whatever month they choose…