Gorgeous foliage that will make you rethink your big-day florals

Tupelo Tree (photo: Maureen Du Preez)

Flowers will always have a special place in our hearts – blush peonies and white roses are the ultimate romantic blooms – but the explosion of foliage in floral arrangements can’t be ignored.

For starters, foliage looks lush. It ties in perfectly with more rustic venues like barns or stripped-back halls and adds a ‘bringing the outside in’ freshness to the styling of your day. You also get so much more for your budget as trailing ivy, spikes of eucalyptus and laurel adornments are more bountiful and cost-effective than smaller, pricier flowers.

Flexibility is another bonus: beef up bouquets, line trestle tables, top off your ensemble with a verdant crown or even say your vows under a leafy arch that will take your guests’ breath away.

Here’s what some of Scotland’s florists have been up to with these beautiful botanicals:

From left: Get Knotted (photo: Sara Wight Photography); Rose & Ammi
Planet Flowers (photo: Jen Owens Images)
Little Botanica
From left: I Heart Flowers; Stems
Get Knotted
Floral Menagerie (photo: Lauren McGlynn Photography)
From left: Get Knotted; I Heart Flowers
Tupelo Tree (photo: Maureen Du Preez)
Floral Menagerie
From left: Jack Fleuriste; I Heart Flowers