Gran rock: music agency on the hunt for talented grannies for girl band

Turns out you cannae shove your granny off a tour bus! We caught up with Jay Feeney from Freak Music recently and he told us all about his mission to put together the UK’s first ‘granny girl band’. Turns out that Freak Music has been using the picture below for its advertising campaign for the past three years and consequently have been inundated with calls to book these rockin’ dames. Sadly, the band doesn’t actually exist… yet!

Freak Music

“The campaign is really starting to grow legs,” says Jay. “We’ve had a few applications so far, including one lady who said she’d be willing to travel with the band, seeing as she has her bus pass now!”

“We want to make this a proper band – singer, guitarist, drummer, keyboard player, perhaps even fiddlers or percussion players – and we are confident the talent will be out there. When you think about it, 65 (and over) isn’t that old these days,” he adds.

So if you’ve got a granny, mum, or aunt that’s more likely to dance to Scooter than wheel about on one, or is more Rolling Stones than rolls and scones, Freak Music want to hear from you. Apply and nominate here: