Grooms’ kilts and suits modelled by the guys that work in Scotland’s menswear stores

In tribute to the lockdown phenomenon of doorstep portraits, we asked shop-workers in Glasgow, Edinburgh, Greenock and Linlithgow to model the latest Highlandwear, suits and tartan trews and got them to share their shopping and hire tips for Scottish grooms’ outfits

Nathan Ross [below left], Gordon Nicolson Kiltmakers, Edinburgh 

Tell us about this outfit “We love that it’s both elegant and fun. It’s traditional formalwear, but with a twist – which is what Gordon Nicolson Kiltmakers is all about.”

What trends should grooms look out for in 2021? “We think trews are going to continue to grow in popularity as an alternative to the kilt and that bright, happy, positive colours of tweed and tartan will be in demand after a very dull 2020.”

Gordon Nicolson tartan trews outfit and McCalls grey kilt outfit
Left: Nathan wears Highland Peat evening outfit featuring made-to-measure Argyll trews, from £245, velvet smoking jacket, from £650, bow tie, from £25, and dress shirt, from £25, all Gordon Nicolson Kiltmakers (Photo: David N Anderson); Right: Steven wears Midnight Pride of Scotland tartan outfit, £112 to hire (sporran style will vary for hire), £1,199 for complete made-to-measure package, all McCalls (Photo: Euan Anderson)

Steven Angus, marketing co-ordinator, McCalls, Glasgow [above right]

What’s your favourite thing about this outfit? “I’m a big fan of the versatility of the check. It allows me to mix and match various accessories to alter the level of formality to suit the occasion.”

How has coronavirus changed the shopping experience at McCalls? “While the experience itself remains unchanged – customers will still receive the high level of service and expertise that we have always offered – it has brought some positive advances. Fitting appointments can now be made at the click of a button via our website and we can now also offer Zoom appointments, meaning customers can hire from the comfort of their own home!”

Michael Dixon, store manager, Walker Slater, Glasgow [below left]

Tell us about this outfit “This combo reflects my personal style pretty well. I love playing around with different cloths and textures in an outfit. I had the jacket made at the start of the year for the summer season, but due to lockdown it never really got the wearing it deserved.”

What looks do you think will come to the fore for 2021? “I believe people are slowly starting to step away from fast fashion and beginning to invest in a wardrobe of more ethical, long-lasting garments.”

Walker Slater suit and Kapital Kilts kilt outfit
Left: Michael wears linen/silk made-to-measure jacket, £POA, Charcoal Flannel Messrs trousers, £155, Joseph Cheaney brogues, £365, Douglas shirt, £79, and Olona tie, £54, Walker Slater (Photo: Euan Anderson); Right: Mark wears Heather Storm tartan-tweed kilt outfit, exclusive to hire from £99 for adults (children’s hire from £69), or full made-to-measure outfit with bespoke jacket and waistcoat, from £1,149 to buy, Kapital Kilts (Photo: David N Anderson)

Mark, owner, Kapital Kilts, Linlithgow [above right]

Why do you love this outfit? “I find the tones of the kilt and the contrast in textures offered by the tartan-tweed mix really appealing. Our pearl-grey tweed jackets really pull the colour details from the kilt. The kilts are pleated to the grey stripe at the back with a colour-effect fringe down the sides.”

Top tip for guys shopping for their wedding attire? “Always be open to different ideas when trying outfits on. Importantly: book early to make sure you get your first-choice ensemble in the current climate.”

Stuart Graham, formal hire manager, Slater Menswear [below left]

Why does this outfit stand out for you? “It’s a strong design that photographs very well and the tartan (exclusive to Slater Menswear) and jacket colours allow for a neutral canvas for tie selection and accessories to be added to complete the look.”

What are the big looks set to be for 2021 grooms? “Aside from the grey- and blue-based tartans that have been a fantastic addition to our hire-wear Highland range, I’d say our retail collection of three-piece suits. Twinned with our free alterations service, every customer can then get the fit, colour and style they desire.”

Slater Menswear hire kilt outfit and Slanj Kilts kilt outfit
Left: Stuart wears Exclusive Highland Sky tartan kilt outfit, from £108 to hire, Slater Menswear; Right: Ben wears Maple Leaf tartan kilt outfit, from £129 for standard four-night hire, from £1,050 to buy, Slanj Kilts (Photos: Euan Anderson)

Ben Dickson, sales assistant, Slanj Kilts, Glasgow [above right]

Why did you pick this outfit to wear? “The Maple Leaf tartan is a lesser-known tartan, but an underrated one in my opinion. It offers plenty of opportunity for tie and flashes colour variation, plus the autumnal colours are perfect for a wedding at this time of year.” 

What do you think will be a key look for 2021 grooms? “There is a hunch that a natural reaction to lockdown may be brighter colours, echoing the feeling of happiness and freedom from the relaxing of full restrictions.”

Gregor Munro, supervisor, Remus Uomo, Silverburn [below right]

Why have you chosen this particular outfit? “The level of versatility it offers is off the chart. When not worn as a full suit, the jacket can be paired with jeans or chinos to create a more casual look.”

Top groomswear shopping tip? “Give yourself plenty of time, get the lads together and head over to Remus Uomo! Don’t allow the bride to let the groomswear be an afterthought.”

Remus Uomo checked suit and Kilted Kin tartan kilt outfit
Right: Gregor wears Lazio three-piece suit, £249, with additional matching waistcoat, £49.95, Remus Uomo; Left: Eddie wears Pride of the Clyde tartan kilt outfit, from £104 to hire as shown (standard hire prices from £85), exclusive to Kilted Kin (Photos: Euan Anderson)

Eddie, owner’s dad, Kilted Kin, Greenock [above right]

What’s so special about this outfit? “This tartan is exclusive to Kilted Kin and it was designed as a celebration of the shipbuilders on the River Clyde. Each colour represents something: dark blue for the river and oceans; grey stands for the steel work; the vertical centre white line equates to Greenwich Meridian; the horizontal centre white line is the equator; the thin blue line is the blue flame of the burner’s torch; the next white line is the arc of the welder’s torch and the broad blue line is the horizon.”

Tristan Stewart, assistant manager, MacGregor and MacDuff, Glasgow [below left]

What do you love about this outfit? “We like to style our exclusive Mist tartans in different ways, and this particular pairing was something we hadn’t really tried before. Matching the tie to the tweed jacket adds a chic simplicity to the outfit and makes a stand-out feature of the brown accessories.”

Best advice to guys shopping for their wedding attire? “Do some research. We offer 14 hire tartans and over 4,000 when purchasing, so it can be quite overwhelming to decide. We work hard to keep our social media platforms up-to-date, so these are a good starting point for inspiration.”

MacGregor and Macduff kilt and Bowdens kilt outfit
Left: Tristan wears Islay Mist tartan with Glen Orchy Tweed jacket and waistcoat, from £89 to hire, from £850 to buy, MacGregor and MacDuff (Photo: Euan Anderson); Right: Matthew wears Grey Arrochar tweed and grey Stewart tartan kilt outfit, £POA, Bowdens (Photo: David N Anderson)

Matthew Hughes, sales advisor, Bowdens, Edinburgh [above right]

Why did you pick this outfit to wear? “I’m getting married soon and it’s actually what I’m planning to wear on my own big day.”

Advice to guys about to start shopping for their groomswear?Don’t just look at the price tag. Consider what level of quality you’re getting for the cost.”