Hold on to your veils: Blow Bridal is here

Photos: Nuala Swan

There’s no denying the shift towards maximalist hair and makeup at the moment, and that’s inevitably had an impact on bridal. If a sharp contour and cut crease normally accompany your flowing princess hair then you’re in luck. But one size doesn’t always fit all – what if you’re looking for something different?

Blow Bridal launched officially today and the message was loud and clear: empowering women, sisterhood and making you feel like the very best version of you on your wedding day. It might sound a bit melodramatic, but it doesn’t take long to fall under the spell when you meet the brains behind the brushes.

Fallon Carberry is the founder of Glasgow’s hugely successful BLOW salons, which have fast become the go-to place for creative colouring in the city – if the styling didn’t already speak for itself, the extremely Instagram-friendly décor certainly helped get the word out.

Her childhood friend Jen Beattie is a senior corporate lawyer by day, but during some time off after the birth of her third child in 2017, she decided it was time for a ‘now or never’ plunge into her passion for makeup artistry. As Violet Rose, she proudly effused enhancing individual beauty instead of blindly following whatever look was in fashion at the time.

The BFFs (like, even have matching tattoo BFFs) have now teamed up to launch a completely bespoke bridal service – and we mean bespoke. Before your consultation, you’ll be asked to fill out a questionnaire asking everything from your Instagram handle, favourite song and style crush. “We want to communicate from the very start ‘we get you, we really care about you,'” says Fallon.

Little touches like the candles burning at your consultation – a unique product for Blow Bridal created with Timeless Candles – will also be brought along on your wedding morning to ignite the scent’s memory, really illuminate how thought out the collab is, and it’s clear the duo are very passionate about creating a very special experience for their clients.

Jen explains: “It’s about offering something that’s completely tailored to each individual and makes you feel utterly amazing from the first visit right through to your big day.”

Fallon adds: “At BLOW we’ve seen an increase in the desire and need for something different, something that breaks the mould and challenges the everyday. It’s the same with traditional wedding hair and makeup. We want our brides to feel and look fabulous by helping them create the vision that’s in their head, but that still allows them to feel unique.”

So where does Blow Bridal cover? “Anywhere!” according to Fallon and Jen. “The further the better.”