How cute is this Scottish boutique owner’s very special proposal?

Proposals are memorable and extremely personal. Your other half will have spent weeks, or maybe even longer, deciding on the perfect way to pop the question. For some, this might mean a grand public gesture, but for every bride or groom who dreams of the spotlight or going viral, there’s just as many who would hate the attention and much prefer a candle-lit proposal in the privacy of their own home.

Jolene Taylor, company director of Perth’s Apple Blossom Time, is one such lucky bride-to-be who recently heard the thrilling creak of a ring box opening. Jolene had been working in Canada for four months with bridal brand Pure Magnolia and after spending so much time apart from her boyfriend Marc, they decided to spend three weeks travelling around different resorts snowboarding.

Dubbed the ‘Disneyland of snowboarding’, Whistler was one of the last stops on the couple’s trip. Jolene discovered the resort offered dogsled tours and was keen to give them a whirl. “They sounded perfect,” smiles Jolene. “We got to spend half an hour with puppies before heading out into the wilderness with the bigger dogs.”

There’s often a sneaking suspicion that a proposal is imminent, but Jolene genuinely had no idea what Marc was up to: “I was in complete shock. I always thought we would be one of those couples that would just go off and get married without a big proposal.” Little did she know Marc was planning to get down on one knee on the doglsled tour, surround by stunning scenery – with the tour’s photographer on-hand to capture it all!

And the ring? A family heirloom that belonged to Jolene’s great-great-grandmother. Mum Karen passed the ring on to Marc when he asked the family’s permission ahead of the trip. With a keen eye for detail and a finger on the fashion pulse – essential when styling brides – Jolene has already decided she’s going to add on-trend rubies to the French-cut diamond and gold ring.

With a thriving boutique business and plans to buy a house, the couple don’t plan to walk down the aisle until 2019 or 2020, but this gives Jolene plenty of time to pick her dress. “You might think it’d be easy because of what I do,” shares Jolene. “But when buying for the boutique, I look at dresses as a business decision, rather than personal preference. I’m thinking about our clients and what they’d love, rather than what I would wear if I was in their shoes.”

“I naturally feel under a bit of pressure because of what I do for a living. I might design something myself! I’d go for something simple, as I loved the designs at Pure Magnolia. The designer Patty Nayel is phenomenal at what she creates – relaxed, effortless gowns.”

Congratulations Jolene and Marc, we can’t wait to find out more about your special day!