How to look good naked

Looking good in your dress starts with looking great out of your dress. But focus on being the best version of you – that’s who he fell in love with, after all!


Words by Sarah Gillespie


Having a well-deserved stretch at the Camp’s luxury estate in Galloway

We’ve spent enough mornings nervously tugging down our T-shirts to know that boot camps are no longer just the domain of women – unless, that is, you visit The Camp’s luxury estate in Galloway ( You might think that losing a stone in a week would only be possible if you’d eaten a kebab of dubious origin, but it’s a claim the Camp’s team make, saying it’s possible during a stay there. You’ll have to work for it, though – rising at 6am and stopping at 7pm, with near-constant low-intensity physical training throughout (even information sessions after eating will sometimes take place on exercise balls), and you can expect to be put through your paces in everything from boxercise to orienteering. All that physical exertion would be tough if you didn’t have such beautiful surroundings and delicious (and healthy) meals, and there’s also a steam room and sauna to relax in at the end of the day. The Camp was the first company to bring the military-style weight-loss camp to the UK, so it has had plenty of time to perfect its methods. But if you prefer sunnier climes, the company also has a mansion in Andalucia that offers the same programme.



One of the most popular reasons for getting liposuction is that even the fittest, healthiest people sometimes have a problem area where they can’t seem to slim down. If you’re dreaming of a figure-hugging mermaid gown but are self-conscious of your tummy, the thought of liposuction might appeal, but bear in mind that this is a heavily invasive procedure and requires a fair bit of down time. It will also eat up a big chunk of your budget. Face & Body Cosmetic Clinic in Edinburgh ( is one of the few places in the country to offer CoolSculpting, a treatment that works by freezing fat and then eliminating the cells. Sounds too good to be true? The procedure’s clinical trials found that after one treatment fat was reduced by at least 20%. “CoolSculpting is ideal for men and women who eat healthily and do exercise but find they have stubborn areas of fat that won’t shift,” explains Victoria Dobbie, medical director at Face & Body Cosmetic Clinic. “It’s a great treatment to help brides look good on their wedding day, and also if they are jetting off on their honeymoon and want to look good in a bikini. And, because it is non-surgical, there are no scars,” she adds.

Above: The impressive results of CoolSculpting at Edinburgh’s Face & Body Cosmetic Clinic



At home hair removal just got space age. The time, effort and pain that de-fuzzing our bodies costs us is a price that many women are willing to pay. For most of us, shaving areas like legs and underarms doesn’t cause much hassle, but if you’re getting married and are concerned about hair on your face or arms, an at-home laser might be the solution. Giving permanent results in three months (possibly with occasional top-ups), the Tria Hair Removal Laser 4X is a cost-effective way to rid yourself of unwanted hair. It works best on light-to-medium skin and dark hair.


Years of extensions have left loads of us with ruined nails, and, as wedding trends have swung back in favour of nicely shaped natural nails, it has been a struggle for many brides-to-be to grow their nails. Although Shellac and gel manicures strengthen nails, the harsh chemicals used with the products, and the long soaking in acetone that is required to remove polish, can dry out the nails, making them thin and brittle.


Esteem Beauty in Glasgow’s West End ( offers a new treatment, the Japanese Manicure, which uses entirely natural ingredients, including bamboo, red tea and beeswax. Based on a 400-year-old Oriental treatment, it restores the nails’ natural gloss and gives them essential strengthening nutrients to repair and condition. Kasia Ojrzynska, owner of Esteem Beauty, told us: “The Japanese Manicure is also recommended after artificial-nail removal or having gel polish soaked off. It gives your nails a break from the masking effects of modern treatments and creates a brilliant shine.”

“Mineral make-up is essential to any bridal look, especially as a foundation base.” – Make-up artist Natasha Dardas


Some of Natasha’s happy brides. Left: Right:

Your wedding day is all about looking the best version of yourself. That said, make-up trends come and go, and what might seem the norm now might look a bit OTT in a few years’ time. Just as we have to cast our minds back to the days before power brows and fake eyelashes, ’80s brides might have struggled to remember when they didn’t pencil on a beauty spot or love how their eye colour popped when they had blue lid-to-brow shadow. We spoke to make-up artist Natasha Dardas (, who shared with us some of her tips for creating the perfect natural look that will look good in a photo frame on your mantelpiece for decades to come.


“Often when I meet with brides for their trial, I hear the words ‘nice natural look’. Glowing, dewy skin, naturally flushed cheeks and defined sparkling eyes are all on the make-up wishlist.
“I believe mineral make-up is essential to any bridal look, especially as a foundation base. It gives enough coverage and a flawless base but also a long-lasting finish. A particular favourite trick of mine is to use a liquid base and top it off with a mineral powder. This sets the foundation, mattes the finish and gives a perfectly natural look.
“I’m a big fan of highly pigmented eyeshadow, especially MAC. Blend­ing eyeshadows together gives enough definition to draw light to the eyes without going overboard.”