HOW TO: style a terrarium centrepiece

Wedding stylist Lindsey Hunter talks us through an opulent table layout with flowers and log slices

Colourful tablescape
Photos: Kevin Greenfield

Terrariums are chic and simple, but bold enough to create a focal point on your tables and throughout your venue. They’re also extremely versatile as you can style them endless ways to match your wedding theme – from flowers and succulents to candles and twinkling fairy lights. Wedding stylist Lindsey Hunter of Get Knotted shares her take on how to incorporate terrariums into table centrepieces using fresh flowers and log slices.

What you need:

  • Log slices in various sizes
  • Terrariums in two or three different shapes
  • Fresh flowers of your choice
  • Foliage
  • Fresh fruits and berries
  • Oasis (green floristry foam)
  • Tea light holders

Styling terrariumsThe key to creating beautifully styled tables is layers. Start by laying out the log slices in the centre of round tables or in a line down long tables. You can add a few smaller log slices on top of larger ones to create some different heights. Next, arrange your terrariums in various positions to give yourself a framework for the display.

If you are having flowers in your terrariums, place some oasis in the bottom. You could also opt to have sand, stones,  or shells – get creative with it!

Colourful tablescape

Start adding the greenery and foliage to the terrariums. In our example, we included trails of honeysuckle, ivy and jasmine that we arrange to also flow onto the table for a more wild and unkempt look.

Now you can begin to place accent flowers inside, positioning them to face outward towards your guests. Add different varieties of flowers such as perfumed roses, snapdragons, cornflowers, peonies, astrantia, dill and cosmos. Experiment with colours. Choosing vibrant greens together with pink, orange and white are perfect for 2018 weddings. Add a few flower heads outside the terrariums by placing them on the log slices and table.

Fresh fruit and berries are fantastic for adding some colour and fragrance. Place your chosen fruit and berries inside and out the terrariums.

Complete the look by adding some pretty tea light holders onto stacked log slices and directly onto the table for a touch of romance.

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Top Tips


  • Use lots of colour in your table displays, especially when using natural wood tables and log slices as the colour will really enhance your décor. Team this with some copper coloured cutlery and glass plates for a contemporary look.
  • If you want a subtler colour theme, choose pastel colours in various shades to create some interest.
  • Buy British and use seasonal flowers on your wedding day.
  • Play around with your design by trying different variations at home before the big day to get the look you want.
  • If you are planning to style your venue yourself, make sure you allow plenty of time, as things don’t always go to plan and make sure you have an emergency kit complete with scissors, tape and string!

Colourful tablescape