Ian Stuart Bride lands at Isobel Florence Bridal Boutique

Papillon gown by Ian Stuart Bride

Anyone else completely obsessed with The Posh Frock Shop on Channel 4? If not, you’re seriously missing out – the show follows eccentric British designer Ian Stuart Bride and a stream of characterful brides, mothers and glossy socialites who make the pilgrimage to his opulent London boutique in the hopes of finding their ideal gown. As you can imagine, the programme is intense and ridiculously addictive (an All 4 binge is inevitable).

There’s the tanning salon owner missing one crucial element of her wedding – a groom, no less – who believes shopping for a dress will send out good vibes into the universe and attract her future husband. She’s yet to find her other half, but she does bring along her tanning equipment and sprays Ian in the office kitchen until he’s a fetching shade of golden brown. There’s also trainee assistant Craig, who manages to topple and destroy a £1,000 mannequin, and a casting call that results in only model turning up. Luckily, she happens to be perfect for the job. Drama, drama, drama.

Theatrics and primadonnas aside, the extraordinary gowns lining the rails speak for themselves, on and off screen, and we can’t blame Scottish boutiques for losing their minds over Stuart’s creations. Case in point: as soon as Isobel Florence Bridal Boutique’s Julie Wong laid eyes on Papillon, Stuart’s gloriously embroidered and appliquéd gown above, she was hooked, and knew she had to get her hands on his fearless and striking work for the boutique. “I’m attracted to designs that are a little bit different,” she explains. “When we visited Ian Stuart in London earlier in the year, I fell in love with his collection.”

On 1st September, the store is launching four styles, including this butterfly-inspired dress and three from the newest line, Dorchester, Donatella and Soutach, with more on the way later in the year. Watch this space.