Ignite the night with a firework display at your wedding

Start married life with a bang by treating your guests to a pyrotechnic display to remember

Fireworx Scotland (photo: BMitchell photography)

A well-executed Bonfire Night firework display can seriously take your breath away – so why not reignite your childhood admiration for the sky-filling explosions on your special day? Prepare to be amazed, and find out just how spectacular your wedding could be with a little snap, crackle and pop.

Not sure fireworks are your thing? We invited some of Scotland’s top pyrotechnics companies to tell us what their products could add to a wedding. 21CC Group’s Chrissie MacLennan puts it simply: “They really provide a wow factor.”

Fraser Stevenson of Absolute Fireworks likes the element of surprise. After all, as he says, your guests will be fully expecting to see a gorgeous dress, an amazing cake, stylish cars and so on, but they certainly won’t be anticipating a show of lights: “Fireworks are a very genuine surprise and are completely unexpected,” he says.

Midnight Storm

Having spent a small fortune on your wedding already, splashing out on fireworks may seem like an extravagant addition, but are they as expensive as you think? “Fireworks certainly needn’t break the bank,” insists Mark Copeland of Fireworx Scotland. “Our prices start from £500 plus VAT.”

Of course, if money isn’t a worry, the sky’s the limit. “Displays can range from £500 to £10,000 and beyond,” claims Colin McNair of Midnight Storm.

Chrissie has seen the top end: “For one of our grandest displays, the couple spent £16,000 – and it really was sensational.”

For that kind of money, you’d be looking at a fully choreographed display incorporating music and extravagant sequences. But spending far less will still give you a show worth watching. “We work with couples to get the best display for their budget,” says Fraser.

Living in Scotland often means experiencing all four seasons in one day. Chances are, you’ll have your fingers crossed for a sun-filled wedding day – but what happens if it rains on your parade? Will your fireworks display fizzle out? Mark at Fireworx Scotland makes sure the weather won’t spoil the fun: “All of our fireworks are waterproofed before they arrive on site,” he says.

Chrissie at 21CC has this reassuring advice: “You can still see fireworks in the rain – and if the weather is particularly poor, we can always delay for ten minutes or so, as rain tends to lighten up.”

What about your guests – won’t they prefer to stay warm and dry indoors? Colin at Midnight Storm has provided fireworks for many weddings, so you can take his word for it: “Almost everyone will go outside for your display, even in the rain!” he claims.

21CC Group

If you’ve scored a summer date for your wedding, you’ll have a long, light evening to look forward to: great for you, not so great for fireworks. You can still have a dazzling display, but your colour choice might have to change. “We use different fireworks in the summer months,” explains Mark. “We liken it to painting a picture on a dark blue canvas rather than a black one.” And what shows up on dark blue is different to what shows on a much darker sky.

“Avoid pale blue and go for peach tones instead,” suggests Colin. “They create shapes in the clouds that look beautiful.”

So you want fireworks – but will your venue permit them? “For some places, it’s not physically possible,” explains Absolute Fireworks’ Fraser. “That’s often the case in the city centre or if the venue is surrounded by houses.”

All is not lost – you can simply bring them inside. There are special indoor pyrotechnics available, and your supplier will be able to suggest appropriate moments to use them. “We can create indoor fireworks for the cake-cutting or the first dance,” offers Fraser.

If your venue does allow fireworks but is in an area with noise restrictions, most suppliers have a trick up their sleeves. “We have quieter options for noise-sensitive venues,” says Mark. They might not be as loud as their exploding counterparts, but they’ll still pack a punch: “They can be just as colourful and memorable,” confirms Fraser.

Indoors or out, you’ll enjoy celebrating your big day with a burst of colour.