It’s a dog’s life: Hounds and Heritage Weddings offer a dog chaperoning service for the big day

All your nearest and dearest are going to be there, so it’s only right that the guest list includes your beloved pets too. Make sure they’re well taken care of with a professional service worthy of any pampered pooch

A bride and a groom pose holding their dog
Photo: Ross Alexander Photography

Lanarkshire-based Hounds and Heritage Weddings offer dog chaperoning so pet parents can get their four-legged friend involved in their big day. The company can bring your pup to the nuptials, looking after everything from ceremonial duties to photograph assistance. And so no furry friend gets left alone when you’re off celebrating, they also offer wedding-day pet-sitting services to the bridal party and their furry fam in the venue or at the client’s home.

A spaniel in a coat looks at the camera
Photo: Debbie Mclellan Photography

Owner Jemma not only has nine years’ experience looking after pets, she also has a long history working in other parts of the wedding industry, giving her the perfect CV for her current venture. “Originally, I was a waitress, then moved into positions in bar staff and housekeeping areas, before moving into events teams.”

Feeling nervous at the thought of leaving your pet with someone new? Let Jemma reassure you: “Any dogs that come into our care are immediately accepted into our family as if they are one of our own.”