Keep your wedding bouquet as fresh as a daisy with Evelyn McEwan Art

Evelyn McEwan Art picture

If you splurge on one thing for your big day, let it be wedding flowers. Take it from us – a cohesive floral theme across your wedding will completely transform the look of the day, and can really elevate your photography.

Yet, though they are undoubtedly worth every (pretty, pretty) penny, unfortunately flowers’ time on this earth comes sooner rather than later. Parting is just such sweet sorrow.

But what if we told you that you don’t need to bid farewell to those precious blooms? Yes, that’s right: you can prolong their lifespan by letting Evelyn McEwan Art immortalise your bouquet in a lovely watercolour painting.

A Renaissance woman, Evelyn recently retired after 44 years’ service in the NHS as a biomedical scientist. Now, with more time at her disposal, she is focusing her attention on her art career. Evelyn loves to paint flowers in particular, and you can commission her to create an artistic rendering of your bouquet as a lasting memento of the big day. Equally, if you’re struggling to think of a gift for a bride-to-be or mother-of-the-bride in your life, or you’ve got an anniversary coming up, this could be the one.

Evelyn's watercolour bouquets“Flowers are an essential part of every wedding, and often there may be a special connection with the ones a bride will choose,” Evelyn explains. “Flowers are expensive and a great deal of work and talent goes into arranging them but sadly, because of their very nature, they are pretty much gone in a few days! A painting conveys a real sense of the flowers, and is a very personal and permanent reminder of the wedding.”

Each painting takes between 10 and 30 hours to create, with the artist working from a digital image of the bouquet. Evelyn specialises in watercolour, believing that flowers are best suited to that medium, but she is happy to switch to oil or acrylic if you’d rather some bolder strokes for your bouquet. The result? You’ll get a one-of-a-kind painting exactly the way that you want it. What can we say, our readers love bespoke.

If that wasn’t enough, Evelyn’s husband also professionally mounts and frames all of the artwork, so your bouquet will look beautiful as it hangs from your walls. Evelyn will then take a high resolution photo so that you can share it to your heart’s content on social media and all of your WhatsApp groups – come on, you know you want to.

Check out Evelyn’s website or her Instagram for more examples of her work and for contact details. There’s no bloom for improvement here.