Kill Twobirds with one stone when bridesmaid shopping

We’ve long been a fan of the ridiculously versatile Twobirds bridesmaid dresses.

Three signature gowns, available in a range of lengths, that can be tied fifteen different ways – it’s safe to say they’ve been a godsend to many brides and their best gals. No more stressing out about different-shaped bridesmaids – the one that hates her arms can wrap her dress into a cap sleeve, and the one that’s proud of her bust can show it off in a halter. The dresses are also available in 25 stunning colours that are perfect for all seasons – we’d love a spring wedding in mint, a summer in coral, an autumnal bash in slate and the cabernet red would look gorgeous for a Christmas celebration.

Twobirds men’s range

This month sees the launch of the Twobirds men’s range – a collection of ties, bowties, cravats, cummerbunds and pocket squares – all perfectly colour-matched to the gowns. No more dashing about department stores with swatches or squinting at your computer screen and hoping the ties that arrive are the same colour! Prices from £10 for a pocket square, £25 for bowties, £30 for ties and £35 for cravats and cummerbunds.
The men’s range is available online at or through its Covent Garden Flagship store.

Twobirds Bridesmaid