KL Nutrition can help take your wedding prep routine up a gear

KL nutrition
This breakfast of champions can be yours thanks to KL Nutrition. Photo: Brooke Lark

We would never advocate a full-scale overhaul of your diet and lifestyle in the run up to your wedding (that wouldn’t be in keeping with our whole ‘you do you’ philosophy, natch), but we understand that lots of brides- and grooms-to-be nevertheless want to get themselves in better shape for the big day.

And so, if you’re feeling inclined to kickstart some healthy eating habits, hit up KL Nutrition. Founded by Kirsten Lindsay, a registered nutritionist with the Association for Nutrition, it can provide convenient seven-day food itineraries, including shopping lists, recipes and online support, to couples finding it hard to resist their fave indulgences.

“The aim is to deliver flexible and tailored meal plans to help brides, grooms or other members of the wedding party in their efforts to become healthier in time for the main event,” Kirsten explains.

“Couples should feel confident and at their best on their special day, so it’s important that they work hard for such an important occasion. This could be to improve the results of the client’s exercise regime; maximise their skincare with a healthy diet; or to help maintain their shape prior to the celebration.”

An apple a day just isn’t going to cut it anymore…