Laura Knox and Christopher Arch

1st May 2016

Venue | Inglewood House and Spa, Alloa
Photography | Corona Photographic


“Choosing where to get married was the first decision we made. I’d been to Inglewood House in Alloa before it was turned into a hotel and had fallen in love with it. We visited it after its renovation and, although we weren’t there with the intention of making a booking that particular day, it just felt right to do so there and then.

We opted for a Humanist ceremony as we liked the idea that it could be tailored. Jennifer Buchan from the Humanist Society Scotland led the ceremony for us. We had a handfasting and passed round the quaich. At one point during the ceremony, a fly was buzzing about in my veil. I was convinced it was a wasp – I’m allergic to them! I was frozen on the spot, with my sisters all whispering at me, “Stay still – it’s just a fly,” and attempting to whack it out of my veil with their bouquets!

I bought the first dress I tried on. I’d had my heart set on a dramatic fishtail gown in lace, but when I saw the simplicity of this one, I just fell in love with it. One piece of advice to other brides: check the cost of altering your gown and the bridesmaid dresses, as I underestimated this.

We included lots of touches to make our day personal. We had a candy buffet during the day and had vintage wedding games to get guests mingling before dinner. The evening reception was unforgettable. For our first dance, my sister sang while her boyfriend played guitar. Later, during the ceilidh, my foot got caught in my dress train and I went sliding across the dancefloor and almost took out the accordion player! Nobody could help me as they were all laughing so much, and my dress was too tight for me to get up!

Top tip: Arrange ushers instead of best men to help with rounding up people for the designated photo list. Our best men had to spend so much time running about gathering people together that they weren’t in as many pictures as we’d have liked.”

Bride and bridesmaids’ dresses Point Nouveau Bridal
Groomswear Slaters
Cake Ca’s Buttercream Dream
Flowers Trudi Todd Flowers
Favours Mrs Tilly’s Tablet
Vintage games Tie the Knox
Entertainment White Doves
Filmmaker Erin Rose Films
Hair and makeup Honey and Violet

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