Light up

Words by Roz Erskine

Add some sparks to your wedding day with a fireworks display

Image: A spectacular outdoor display will make your day unforgettable, 21cc Fireworks.

Everyone wants their big day to go with a bang and with a professional fireworks display this can, quite literally, be the case. There’s a variety of options available to wow guests and really make a show of your reception.

Fireworks have come a long way from the traditional displays seen annually in parks across the country on 5th November. Damp squibs are very much things of the past, as you can now choose from indoor and outdoor pyrotechnics, gas products and professional confetti systems to give your wedding some added sparkle, and all to suit varying budgets. A professional display is a great way to entertain both daytime and evening guests (not to mention an ideal distraction for kids) and with some now being practically noiseless, many venues will be happy to accommodate a show. For best results, it is always better to hire a professional company as they can liaise with your chosen location to discuss options, as well as having insurance to deal with the unlikely event of anything going wrong.
Fireworks can also be used to creatively personalise the occasion on a small or large scale and can include anything from favourite colours to your names, initials or love hearts.
Displays can last from around five minutes up to 10 minutes and, if desired, can be set to music which is called a pyromusical display. This isn’t necessarily a budget option, though, but it will certainly be very memorable as the fireworks ‘pop’ in time with music. An indoor pyromusical display to go along with your first dance is sure to be electrifying and provide a distraction if the pair of you have two left feet!
If you don’t think the budget will quite stretch to a display set to music, there are plenty of other options: “Many people think that a professional wedding day fireworks show is expensive. It doesn’t have to be,” explains Geoff Crow, director of 21cc Fireworks
( “By catering for a wide range of budgets, we ensure that everyone is able to enjoy something that’ll give their day extra snap, crackle and pop.” 21cc Fireworks offer professional wedding displays from £750 and spectacular indoor pyrotechnics from £220, making it a realistic option even on a tighter budget.
“Indoor pyrotechics are proving very popular right now,” says Geoff. “You can choose from cake cutting fountains, confetti
cannons, fountains hidden within your table centres for your big entrance and much more! It gives the impression that you’ve spent big on your day.”
With all these choices available one thing is for sure, a professional display will make your wedding day that little bit more spectacular and memorable.


Images: (Top) A spectacular outdoor display will make your day unforgettable, 21cc Fireworks. (Above) Indoor pyrotechnics transform the traditional cake cutting into something spectacular, 21cc Fireworks.