Make your wedding a work of art with the murals at Glasgow’s Òran Mór


Oran Mor murals
Photo: Mark Wild Photography

When it comes to deciding where to get married, there are some big questions that you and your partner need to answer right off the bat: do you want your wedding to be held inside or outside? Is an exclusive-use venue important to you? What are you looking for in terms of food and drink?

When you’ve got the main criteria down and have finalised a shortlist, then you can start homing in on what it is you really want – it’s these details that tend to seal the deal after all. You might be interested in a quaint little property by the sea, a historical castle with a colourful past, or an artsy venue to pay homage to your creative spirits. If it’s the latter that’s got your imagination running wild, you’ll probably have already scheduled a visit to Glasgow’s Òran Mór.

That’s because the converted church in the city’s west-end is home to one of the largest public artworks in Scotland, in the form of murals designed by renowned novelist Alasdair Gray. The writer originally created the work for the venue’s opening in 2004, covering the ceiling of the auditorium in stunning celestial-inspired images (that, as you can see for yourself, look totally amaze in wedding pics).

Oran Mor venue murals
Photo: Mark Wild Photography

Now, however, Òran Mór’s reign as the ultimate wedding destination for art lovers has been cemented by the news that Gray has recently started working on some new pieces to add to the collection. This comprises a series of 30 portraits depicting the tradesmen, joiners and labourers who helped transform the church into the fabulous venue it is today. The portraits will then be used to decorate mirrors around the venue.

By the time you’ve finished planning the big event, your wedding could well end up being your magnum opus, so give it the gorgeous backdrop it deserves. Besides, you can’t go much wrong with world-famous artwork.